12 Tips To Make You Easily Likable!

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Learning new people skill is always a big plus in our lives, it’s priceless, and that’s because it is one skill we make use of almost every day of our lives. You can imagine how easier and fun our lives will become by applying these simple people skills.

Here you’ll learn how to become easily likable, with easy tips you can apply to get instant results you’ll love.

Yes, and that is true because we all work towards possessing good qualities that make us attractive and easy-going with other people. We want to enjoy our time with people by exhibiting good characters, we want to also make new friends and build a few networking skills.

All these tips are based on the key and deepest human urge: “the desire to be important”. Dale Carnegie would say,

In any way you can, make the other person feel important and you’ve won that person’s heart.

1. Greet people (with a smile)

Greeting means a lot, it’s a good way to recognize and appreciate the other person’s presence. It’s been passed down through generations in different cultures. A good greeting always goes with a warm smile and a good eye contact to show the person how pleased you are to meet him/her.

Simple greetings like ‘Hi’  ‘Hello’  ‘Good day’, a hug, handshakes and other gestures are key people skills. People who don’t greet are most times referred to as not cool, not friendly, being rude, unhappy or a snub. Everyone likes a person who greets. To become easily likable, learn to greet people always with a heartfelt smile.

2. Call people by their name

 We value our names a lot more than any other word. And when people use our names, we tend to connect better with them.

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language– Dale Carnegie

People are proud of their names, some give millions to have a building or a landmark named after them. So make every effort to remember people names!

Take time to concentrate, repeat and fix each persons’ name in your mind.

3. Show excitement when meeting people

  People are more attracted to friends who are always excited to see them. Sometimes people isolate themselves from other people for a while just to build up this feeling of excitement from the other person, the feeling of being appreciated & important.

When you come in contact with people, show excitement, a little animation is cool, “Be lavish in smile and praise”, let the other person feel your excitement. And be rest assured, you’ll be loved for it.

4. Give sincere compliments and genuine praise

Leaving friendly compliments as you go about your daily activities, build little flames of friendship that rewards in long-term.

A sincere compliment can make a person’s day. People want to be appreciated and when you do that they will like you more and appreciate you too.

Become easily likable by saying something nice with a smile, about their look, eyes, outfit or anything cool you notice about them. This act will also boost your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.

5. Listen (with your whole body)

You can relate to how you feel when you’re having a conversation with a person and the person isn’t listening attentively, you can feel the person’s mind is somewhere else. Not cool right?

Being a good listener requires practice
•  You encourage others to talk about themselves
•  You choose to be interested in what they are saying
•  Then you place your body towards the person, maintaining eye contact, eliminating interruption, you nod your head and ask a few questions to show you are interested.

6. Show care and interest in others

Very little people do actually show real care, people are interested in themselves, their wants and problems a hundred times more than that of any other person. As the saying goes,

“A person’s toothache matters more to him than a famine in China that kills a million people. A boil on his neck interests him more than forty earthquakes in Africa.”

Since people are more interested in themselves, they would appreciate if you sincerely ask them how they are doing, about their family, education, jobs and the other things. Be willing to do things for others, sacrifice your time and energy for them. Be there for others in good and tough times, this connects people better than many other things.

If you want others to like you, if you want to develop real friendships, if you want to help others at the same time as you help yourself, Become genuinely interested in other people – Dale Carnegie


7. Give a firm handshake

A firm handshake makes a real difference. Handshakes are usually an introductory ritual that takes place when people meet, it’s usually the first contact you make with the other person so it means a lot.

A firm handshake shows openness to new experience and sociability, while a weak handshake shows shyness and anxiety. People do actually respond to your handshake’s quality. A weak one generates a less approving response.

8. Appreciate twice

Give an honest appreciation when a person does something good for you no matter how little.

Since people cherish and love been appreciated, why not be lavish with it? Why not make them feel really special for their little acts of kindness? When you do this, you’ll be sure of these three things, the person will:

  • Like you more
  • Not hesitate to do more for you the next time
  • Appreciate you too

Most times a sincere appreciation is all they need from you in return and it gives the other person a sense of joy and fulfillment.

9. Ask for advice

People do feel special and important when you ask them for advice, and why is that? It’s so because it shows you do value their opinion or you see them as experienced or knowledgeable enough to give an input… and that’s one feeling people love.

So try to ask for a person’s opinion or suggestion when you need them, ask them a little advice or solution to a problem. It’s also a great way to start a conversation.

10. Good appearance

Your outward appearance matters a whole a lot in making a good first impression and afterward. Good outfit, neat shoes, good smell, neat hair are always a big plus to anyone personality. It makes you approachable and attractive.

Avoid bad body smell, bad hair, bad breath, dirty clothes, or shabby shoes, it’s an instant turn-off. Wear good shoes, your shoes define you a lot, make use of a good body deodorant and take care of your hair too. Most people won’t tell you how bad you smell or look but be distant from you.

11. Do something nice

Little acts like holding the door, giving a person a lift, helping a person carry an excess luggage, offering someone a free meal or drink makes you become easily likable and helps you make good friends.

Keep been nice to people, offer to help if you can and soon you’ll have good friends everywhere.

12. Tell good stories, be well-informed

You are not the only one who loves funny friends that tell good stories, most people do! Okay, you know that already 😉

We like people who we can learn from, people that have something good to say about almost everything, well-informed people. To become easily likable, you have to put in a little time into learning more outside your scope of knowledge.

So try to fill up your cylinders with good information by reading newspapers, magazines, blogs and several online stories and information, also read good books and see things that happen around you, that’s where the best stories come from.

Learn intelligent quotes and apply them to your conversations, it makes you look and sound intelligent. It works always.


The secret to making anyone like you more is making them feel important. Apply these tips every day and you’ll improve your relationships and make better ones.

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