8 Daily Actions To Improve Your life

A more productive lifestyle

Making impact

Do you recall how many times you’ve been told about “improving your life”? On the internet, motivational books we’ve read, our parents, teachers and so on…
Are you aware that all these important words we’ve heard till date have positive impacts in our life?

YES! These words do influence our decisions and a lot more most times without us even knowing, they build a positive and active part in us that believe we can do anything we want… crazy huh

Imagine what you would achieve when you knowingly and carefully put together the key life-changing lessons, learn it and build your life around it. Your life will become a lot easier and productive too… and that’s the plan here. Okay, let’s see how these few actions can do that…

1. Organize your Life


Do you know most people spend over 1 to 2 hours or more every day looking for things?

Time lost. That is 14 hours a week, 62 hours a month, over 730 hours a year and over 65,675 hours a life time. That’s over 30 days in a year, 7 years in a lifetime just looking for things!

Body effect. Looking for things increases stress and unsettles the mind, leaving you a bit reckless leading to a mood change… not good right?Everyday living becomes a lot easier when you have what you need readily available when you need them. Having your clothes well dry cleaned, having a dashboard where you hook your keys, arranging your files in order and so on… It’s called efficiency which saves a lot of time.

Everyday living becomes a lot easier when you have what you need readily available when you need them. Having your clothes well dry cleaned, having a dashboard where you hook your keys, arranging your files in order and so on. Being efficient and organizing your life saves a lot more time.

Every single detail of your life is essential in some way or the other, the little things you leave out from your schedule daily contributes to the success of the bigger things.

What to do:
1. Make a list of everything you need to organize starting from smaller to bigger things (leave nothing out)
2. You’ll get discouraged or complain of lack of time but remind yourself of the long-term benefits… of saving more time every day and reducing stress.
3. Hey! You can pay someone to do it for you… yes, it’s worth it or gets machines to help (washing machine, lawn mower, dishwasher, photocopying machine and so on) or computer software to help with filing and the rest.
4. Finally, if you can, get the things you need daily in packs, so you won’t have to go to the store 5 to 6 times a month to get the same thing. It’s a waste of time and energy.

2. Wake up early

Early rise

Most times the outcome of your day is predicted based on how early you rise in the morning. Yes! Waking up early improves your day’s productivity, compared to waking up late and spending the rest of the day trying to make up for lost time… that’s not cool, right?

Trust me many don’t like the sound of waking up early, you’ll tell yourself you can still achieve the same thing whether early or late… but let’s look at the results of waking up early, study shows that:

• It leads to accomplishing more
• Result in better grades for students
• It leads to better planning
• It leads to character traits like optimism, being agreeable and satisfaction.
• More quiet time and all.

Of course, to wake up early fully energized, you have to go to bed early. The two work together.

3. Exercise More


Your health is a very important part of your life, but many still do disregard it. You need to understand that,

“Your health is your wealth”.

Exercising is a crucial part of being healthy and fit. You’ve to take care of your body for it to take care of you.
You’ll be missing out on this benefits if you don’t exercise regularly:

i. A boost of self-confidence: Yes! You look good and you know it, your clothes fit. You walk around healthy and feeling happy, as a woman, men will stare, as a fit man, women will be attracted to you. It’s a win-win. Plus the good health it provides. It’s a boost for your self-confidence, health, and joy.

ii. Steps up your Brainpower: “Brainpower too? I think this is worth adding to my to-do list”. Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise increases the brain’s overall performance and produces new brain cells.
That’s not all, a good workout increases levels of brain-derived protein (BDNF) in the body that helps with learning, higher thinking, and decision-making.

iii. Improves sleep and reduces stress: “According to 2005 studies, exercise can be a healthy, safe, and inexpensive way to achieve more and better sleep”. It’s the most recommended alternative to sleeping pills for solving insomnia.
Stress reduction is another cool benefit. A good workout increases the release of norepinephrine, which helps moderate our response to stress.

4. Smile Always and Laugh Often

beautiful-young-girl-women-lay-laying-grass 2

Have you ever wondered why the Queen of England always look beautiful and shiny? Or why the president of America always have the look of a confident leader?
You guessed right, it’s the smile, you can almost feel they are smiling at just you through the photo or tv screen.

 A good smile speaks more than words, it says, “hey, I’m happy to see you, you look good, I appreciate you, thank you…”
 Do you want to make some friends? Smile, it makes you approachable. Yea, a woman can always sense that a guy is interested in the way he smiles at her.
 A good smile is a good networking skill. It’s good for business, it gets customers to come back for more. Increases your income and gets you more business contacts.
  Studies show that smile reduces stress and anxiety by releasing endorphin in your body, making you happier. Just smiling even when you don’t feel like makes you happy and feel better.

So smile as often as you can! 🙂

5. Setting Daily Goals

goal setting 2

Goal setting is key to everything in this article and more. You will always get tips on achieving several things in life, but what will set you apart from others who achieve little is your ability to pick out the few goals you want to achieve, write them down, and make smaller goals towards achieving each goal.

“The best time to set daily goals is before going to bed”

Before bed? Sounds odd right? Yea, but it works. It helps your goals fall in line before the day comes. Make it a habit to:

 Make a list of the goals you want to achieve the next day. Starting from your wake up time, and the rest
 Allocate a time range for each goal. That’s all, go to bed. (You’ll sleep better knowing you’re set for the next day.)

6. Always be ready to write your ideas

writing down

Good ideas come randomly, most times we get inspired by happenings around us and good ideas flow in, we get excited, ready to capitalize on the ideas, then we forget and life goes on.

“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.”
Francis Bacon, Sr. 

•  Always try to have a pen with you or a note app on your phone for writing down ideas and important information. And you’ll see how many good ideas do actually cross your mind.

7. Giving


The joy of giving can never be undermined. Giving is beautiful. It flows with everything good, it improves almost every aspect of our life in some way.
It’s a law that’s common with most religions. The universal law of giving and receiving: “In giving, you receive”
Giving is a natural flow in the universe, it’s a continuous flow that brings balance to life. Giving enriches us in the following ways:

•  Giving is good for our health.
•  Giving gives us a special feeling of fulfillment, joy, happiness… Just experiencing the results of our giving is healthy.
•  Giving nurtures good relationships and cultivates better social life.

You don’t always have to be at the receiving end… next time you hang out with your friends offer to pay
Surprise people in your life once in a while, just get them random gifts or do something nice for them. And I tell you, they will love you more…

Start making conscious efforts to give more, it enriches our lives and those around us.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank 

8) Spend more time with  family and friends

friends 2

You’ll be surprised at how spending time with your loved ones can enrich your life.
Harvard’s happiness expert, Daniel Gibert says:

“We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends.”

Honestly, let’s think of it, you work hard to provide for your family, to make sure they get the best, spending good times with friends and vacations with loved ones. These things gives you joy when you do them.
Friends make a huge impact in our lives, good friends are role models, make it a goal to reach out or meet up with a friend at least once a week.

Okay! Let’s hear from you! Share your favorite or preferred actions in the comment box. Thanks

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