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Complete the following two steps for us to get started with your free blog setup

Step 1.  Choose a domain and hosting plan

As I said in my  guide on starting a blog, "The two basic things every website must have to come on board on the internet is a domain name and a host, without these two things people can’t find you, your content will stay on your PC hard drive and not online."

​The Web host is your rented space (like an office) on the internet, it where everything that makes up your site is keep and the domain (like an office address) is the address that gives anyone an access to the content in your space. You see why they are both essential? Okay, let move on.

Here, you will choose a web host that offers these two important services; registering of your domain name and web hosting.

After doing a lot of research and trying out a few, I came up with the two best and most affordable domain and hosting services that offer new bloggers a huge sign up discount with all the required tools needed to build and grow any site. 

I partnered with them to get better deals for new blogger, so you'll be getting special discounts (lower than the normal price) and a few additional features when you purchase any plan through the "get" buttons below and I'll be getting a commission too.

Okay, firstly, sign up with any web hosting provider below by clicking on the "Get" button

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iPage offers the most affordable price in the web hosting market at $1.99/month that includes a lot of important features. With a free "Domain name registration", the only thing you'll be paying for is the web hosting service. 

  • iPage features

Bluehost logo free blog setup at


Blue is another great web host service that offers similar features with iPage but at a bit higher price and fewer features. Offers a free "Domain name registration" too with other great features.

Bluehost features

If you need help with signing up, follow the steps in this guide "How to Start A Blog"

Note: Try to utilize the sign up offer price by getting a 2 or 3 years plan for iPage.

     Here is why...

Step 2.  Fill the form below with the necessary details

After you've successfully signed up with either iPage or bluehost using the "Get" button above, fill in the form below for us to get started right away and your free blog setup will be ready in a day or two with a free guide on "How to startup and grow your blog".

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