A Free 3-Day

"Start A Side Business" Bootcamp​

3-Day Bootcamp

Get started - start a side business

Day 1 (Getting started with the must-knows) * 7 mins

1. Introduction to setting up a side business

2. Five things you need to know before starting a side business​

Online course - start a side business

Day 2 (Mastering Your Skill)  10 mins

3. Choosing a lucrative business that will work for you

4. Learning the right process - skills & setting up your portfolio

launch a side business

Day 3 (Setup, Launch & Grow) 15 mins

5. Setting specific goals & define your targets - A 3-week plan to lauch

6. Monetizing your new skills 

7. The 4 next steps to take 

(Bonus) Free Resources & Success tips

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”