7 Good Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Now

The Rewards of blogging.

why bloggers know so much, what are the benefits... And how to get started

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Reasons why you should start a blog

1. Blogging will improve your life

As you build your blog, you become great at setting goals and actually reaching them. You learn & apply hundreds of tips & ideas while creating contents & products for your blog (valuable tips & ideas that can change your life). And of course, you become a digital marketing guru with time after completing campaigns & publishing engaging contents.

It opens you up to hundreds of valuable stuff out there you wouldn't dare to know, notice or come across if you weren't blogging.

2. Blogging makes you super creative

A blog always find a way to cook up creative tasks for you all the time. While creating content, designing and tweaking your blog features in the long-run, you'll learn how to take or where to find great photos, design a few custom images (that'll make your content more interesting) and even create valuable products like e-books, worksheets, checklists, How-to guides and other digital products & services that will help your readers  and also make you good money.

Creativity - reason to start a blog
valuable skills - reason to start a blog

3. Blogging will teach you over 10 valuable skills

Like no other stuff out there, blogging loads you up with in-demand skills (digital, marketing, creative...).

You become an expert in various valuable skills while setting up blog-related stuff, creating content, running campaigns and designing your blog in the long run. Skills like Creative writing, Touch Typing, Creative or Graphic Designing, Research & Summary, SEO Basics, Taking good photography, WordPress expert, and more.

4. Blogging will make you money

 Blogging opens up over 10 lucrative sources for earning good income. It's a valuable investment of your time & money in the long-run when set-up & planned the right way. 

 You make money blogging by creating useful digital or non-digital products & selling them on your blog like video courses on how to achieve a specific goal, useful how-to guides, ebooks or any product related to your blog's niche your readers would love.

Also Affiliate marketing (when you refer great products and earn good commission), Sponsored blog posts, Selling ad space, Google Adsense, offering consulting service, and a few more. 

Good income - reason to start a blog
Boost your career - reason to start a blog

5. Blogging will boost your career or business

Putting together valuable contents (solutions, ideas, tips, tools and hacks) that customers and experts in your niche will find useful will improve your knowledge, build up your credibility, making you a better expert over time and also turn hundreds to thousands of readers into customers who to purchase your services & products. 

Blogging helps get more clients to your existing business​

6. Blogging opens up your content & ideas to millions of people worldwide

Readers from different countries gain access to your blog posts. You gain influence, help people while building up a good number of subscribers, followers and a good network in the process.

Grow your content's outreach - reason to start a blog
Expands your knowledge - reason to start a blog

7. Blogging will expand your knowledge massively

​ You'll amazed at the number of stuff you would learn in the process of researching, creating contents and putting together great ideas. The tools, ideas, skills, tips, hacks, daily blog-related observations you learn from other blogs & online info sources.



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