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10 Six-Figure Tech Jobs That Don’t Require An Advanced Degree

Tech Skills You Can Learn Online In Months

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Have you ever wondered which lucrative skill or tech jobs you can fully learn without spending three to five years acquiring an advanced degree? Or have you thought about learning any career changing or enhancing skill that doesn’t have to take you through college again?

40 to 60% of the hired experts in all the tech jobs listed here mastered their tech skill either by learning online or Bootcamp programs with a larger percentage of them being self-taught experts.

According to Stackoverflow’s survey of tech jobs expert education source:

•  Self-Taught – 69.1%
•  On the Job Training – 43.9%
•  B.S. in Computer Science (or Related Field) – 34.8%
•  Online Course – 25.5%

Top tech billionaire today are self-taught programmers, like:
•  Jan Koum – Whatsapp founder
•  David Karp- Tumblr founder
•  Jack Ma – Alibaba
•  Kevin Systrom – Co-founder of Instagram and much more.

If they can learn tech skills and create valuable products with it, so can you. Here is a list of 6-figure tech jobs anyone can learn and easily monetize or get hired even without an advanced degree:

1. Web developer

A web developer designs, builds, debug and maintains sites & web applications to fit clients need and satisfies the customers taste. Web developers put together a computer code that tells a website. They are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and a few other technologies.

According to Paysa data, only 53% of web developer positions require a bachelor’s degree, 45% have no degree.
Web developer salary range. Tech jobs.

Top Web developer courses online:
•  The Web Developer Bootcamp – View Course
•  Web development specialization course – View Course
•  Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree – View Course

2. Software developer

Bloc calls Software development, “The most in-demand profession on the planet” with over 1,081,000 job opening and a 17% growth rate by 2024.
A Software developer researches, designs, builds, installs, test and maintains a computer software. Software developers top required skills are JavaScript, java, C#, SQL and other related skills.

According to Paysa data, 56% of Software developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 44% have no degree.
Software developer - tech jobs

Top Software Development course online:
•  Become a Software Developer – View Course

3. UI Designer

A User Interface (UI) designer focus on the layout and the real design of each element that the user interacts with. The UI designer tries to create unique designs that interact with the end-user and makes it easy for the user to achieve certain goals with the end product.

According to Paysa data, 58% of UI Designers have a bachelor’s degree, while 40% have no degree.
UI designer salary range: tech jobs

Top UI Design courses online:
•  User Interface Specialization Course – View Course
•  Learn UX & UI fundamentals – View Course
•  UX and UI Design From Scratch – View Course

4. UX Designer

Sokanu describes UX designers as designers that take on the task of improving user satisfaction with a product by making its usability, accessibility, and interaction better. UX designing involves user research, design, testing, and implementation.

According to Paysa data, 61% of UX Designers have a bachelor’s degree, while 37% have no degree.
UX designer salary range: tech jobs

Top UX Designer courses online
•  Learn UX & UI fundamentals – View Course
•  UX Design for Web Developers – View Course
•  Introduction to User Experience Design – View Course

5. Frontend Developer

Frontend developers build up all the elements that users see and interact with on a software, application or website by making use of Html, CSS, JavaScript and other frameworks. It requires a combination of both the coding skill and the ability to apply the proposed design.

Frontend developers are likened to an interior & exterior designer of a house, while the backend developers are the architect and the builder. A “Full-stack” developer is one who is familiar with both the frontend and the backend technologies and can work with them.

Fullstack developer expertise - tech jobs
Full-stack developer’s expertise – Sitepoint
According to Paysa data, 50% of Frontend Developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 50% have no degree.
Frontend developer salary range: tech jobs

Top Frontend courses online:
•  Frontend development Bootcamp – View Course
•  Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree – View Course

6. JavaScript Developer

“JavaScript is the most popular programming language with the richest OSS module ecosystem available. It is used to create interactive web pages, user experience, and responsive front-end designs…
About 1/3rd of all developer jobs require some JavaScript knowledge” –

Paysa data shows that 46 % of JavaScript developer positions require a bachelor’s degree, 52% have no degree.

JS developers top skills to acquire include JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, HTML and a few others.

avascript developer salary range: tech jobs

Top JavaScript developer courses online:
•  The Complete JavaScript Course – View Course
•  JavaScript – A Complete Guide – View Course
•  JavaScript from Beginner to Expert –  View Course

7. Backend Developer

A back-end developer builds and maintains the technology that powers the front-end of a website (the part you can see) and makes it possible to exist. The back-end is what makes the site run, it’s the behind the scene technicalities. This includes the server, server-side applications, and the database.

According to Paysa, 55% of Backend Developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 46% have no degree.
Backend developer salary range: tech jobs

Top Back-end developer courses online:
•  Learn to Code with Ruby – View Course
•  Complete Python Masterclass – View Course
•  Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree – View Course  (has both frontend & backend developer course)

8. Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer as the name implies designs, test and program apps for mobile phones and other electronic devices. Apps are built for different operation systems (OS): iOS, Andriod or Windows… though with the “react native” you can build an iOS & Andriod app with one single code.
Mobile app developers focus on developing apps for a single OS, leading to the different types of mobile app developers which are mainly:
• iOS developers – for apple phones and tabs
• Andriod developers – for Andriod phones and tabs

Top required skills are JavaScript, C++, CSS, HTML, Python and Java.

According to Paysa data, 54% of Mobile app developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 46% have no degree.
Mobile app developer salary: tech jobs

Top mobile developer courses online:
•  iOS App Development with Swift Specialization – View Course
•  Become an iOS Developer – Build an App for the iPhone and iPad – View Course
•  Android App Development: Easy & Quick Programming – View Course

9. Python Developer

“A Python developer is responsible for writing server-side application logic. Python web developers usually develop back-end components, connect the application with the other (often third-party) web services, and support the front-end developers by integrating their work with the Python application” –

Python is often used for web development, game programming, desktop GUIs, scientific programming, network programming and more. Python developers are familiar with Python, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL, Django and a few others.

According to Paysa data, 56% of Python developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 44% have no degree.
Python developer salary range: tech jobs

Top python developer courses online:
•  Learn to Program and Analyze Data with Python – View Course
•  The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python – View Course
•  Become a Professional Python Programmer – View Course

10. Ruby Developer

Ruby developers use Ruby to build and prototype the back-end of an application. They can also make use of the different technologies like Ruby on Rails, Heroku, RESTful to build dynamic websites and perform another backend programming.

According to Paysa, 49% of Mobile app developers have a bachelor’s degree, while 48% have no degree.

Top required Ruby Developer skills are Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, Git, jQuery and a few others.

Ruby developer salary range: tech jobs

Top Ruby Developer courses online:
•  Learn to Code with Ruby – View Course
•  Comprehensive Ruby Programming – View Course


Learning any tech skill and becoming good at it is a right decision to make in a world where the use of tech products percentage growth goes up every year, creating more tech jobs.

Choosing a particular tech skill to learn and practice is the next thing to do. Find a great course online on e-learning sites where you can learn your preferred skill, practice, practice and practice by working on projects and completing them.

Afterward, you can make a good income off your new skill by getting clients on freelance sites or getting well-paid tech jobs (after you’ve completed valuable projects).

I’m working on few tech skills which I wish I learned earlier. Building stuff, implementing ideas and seeing them work is a wonderful feeling.

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