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21 Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

Ultimate guide to making money online

Ways to make money online -

If you aren’t earning enough or any money online in this internet age… this post is for you. Oh and, this post is a guide for those who seek for online startups ideas.
Going through a lot of tips on how to make money online and still struggle at doing so is one thing I can relate to – I started out in 2013, tried out a lot of online businesses, earned money from a few and made a lot of mistakes.

I know what you’re thinking: “But how true is it about making money online? I have read similar articles but came out with nothing”
But, during the process of trying, I discovered a few secrets about making money online. And I’m going to share them with you before we go further.

Here are 4 things you weren’t been told about making money online:

  • First of all, if you want to get paid online you have to put in a good effort at the start. Notice, I said at the start. You have to choose to sacrifice a few good hours daily or weekly.
  • Try to learn the process, take a few great courses online to put you on the right path or you could end up spending a lot of time making mistakes before getting it right.
  • Choose your role models and forget about the rest. You’ll come across hundreds of role models with good information online. You’ll waste time and focus if you try to pay attention to them all.
  • Having a blog is definitely a huge plus for online earners. And also a good social media following (they both build up your online credibility). Can you do without these two? Yes… but you’ll make way more money with them.

Each online income idea has a list of top rated sites, online courses and important resources needed to kick off each idea.

My target is to list over 50 lucrative online income ideas. I’m still trying out a few at the moment and will be updating this post with newer startups every month (with beginner’s guide and other resources needed for starting up each idea).

So you might want to bookmark this page. Or join this email list to Stay Updated

Ready? Let’s get started.

#1. Design & Sell

These platforms help manufacture, sell and deliver your design products (t-shirt, cap, phone case, mug, sweatshirt, stickers & much more) without you lifting a finger or stepping out of your home (okay, you might step out to cash your paycheck for sure) and it’s free.
All those lovely designs and fine quotes you create don’t have to end up in your sketchbook, they could come alive and make you good cash.

Spreadshirt - make money online

Hundreds of people like Hsu and Springer made more than $100,000 in selling tees through the company’s site; 20 collected more than $1 million”

– Walker Williams
CEO & CO-FOUNDER of Teespring

All you’ll have to do is:
•  Create a design & upload it (it could be just numbers, letters, graphics or anything else)
 Set a price
 Add a goal
 Start selling

What they do:
Provide high-quality product
•  Print your design on them
•  Handle the shipping and customer service

Sounds easy right? Maybe it is if you can create stylish quotes or design people would love.

Here are the top sites that offer these service:
•  Teespring
•  Red bubble
•  Spreadshirt

Recommended online courses:
 Affiliate Marketing Beginner: Sell T-Shirts with Teespring
•  Design bestselling T-shirts from Beginner to Expert
•  Set Up a T-Shirt Design Business on Teespring & SunFrog

#2. Online Coaching

No doubt, MILLIONS of people out there seek to meet certain goals but either doesn’t know how to go about it or needs help doing so. “Coaching is about helping a person reach their potential or meet a specific goal”

There are a few (few? hundreds) of goals out there you can help people meet and get paid. And of course, you grow to become an expert in whichever field you choose after completing several gigs and with time clients will pay you more.
If you are passionate and knowledgeable enough to help a person meet a certain goal, then this might just be for you.

Coaching services ideas:
  Productivity coach
 Productivity coach
 Leadership coach
 Fitness coach
 Business coach
 Blogging coach, Nutrition coach, Career coach, Performance coach, Skill coach, Lifestyle coach, Relationship coach and much more.

How to start-up an online coaching business:
Choose a niche you are qualified or knowledgeable about or a niche you’re passionate about.
Learn and understand how it works.
Create a system or patterns that deliver top results
Join online platforms where you can deliver your content (YouTube, Wistia, Skype, Google Hangout, Goto Webinar)
  Reach clients or get coaching gigs on Fiverr or freelancer and build up your portfolio with your gigs. (clients will pay more and trust anyone with a great portfolio and rating)

Online Courses:
 Life Coach Training Course: Introduction to Life Coaching
 List of Coaching Courses

#3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the top income source online earners use to make money online. Lots of top online earners build their businesses around affiliate marketing. Millions of Companies are willing to pay affiliates good amount to get more product sales and customers.

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.
Pat Flynn | SmartPassiveIncome

Clickbank affiliate - make money online

Most times all you need is a great content with a good number of followers on social media or visitors on your website to make hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly in affiliate marketing.

Many companies will pay over 30% to 60% for each customer you refer through your affiliate links.

…that’s a good percentage, but the question now is how to get a good number of customers to buy.

4 Simple steps to affiliate marketing:
 Requirement. Social media accounts for a good number of followers or a blog with a few thousand of monthly visits can get you there. You can build a social following around one or more similar niche and give useful products or contents with affiliate links.

 Choose a niche market you would like to promote. It’s better to pick one or two products or services you can easily become an expert in by using and studying them.

 Register for affiliate programs. Most “affiliate program” sign up links are found at the bottom of the product’s website, click on the link and apply to become affiliated with them or you could join top affiliate marketplace sites ( Commission Junction, Clickbank or ShareASale)

 Create and publish great content (articles, photos, useful tips or how-tos) on your blog or social media about your affiliate products, using your affiliate links when referring to the product.

Top Affiliate marketing companies:
Commission Junction Affiliate (CJ)
Amazon associates
•  Shareasale

Online Courses:
Top Affiliate Marketing & CPA Marketing Training Program
Affiliate Marketing Secrets: Earn Big Reviewing Products

#4. Blogging

“A Blog is a personal or corporate website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online Journal.” – Wiki 

Blogging -make money online -

Blogging is no doubt the top means online marketers use to make money on the internet. It’s like your brand headquarter online where you get creative and enlighten people and in-turn you get attention and earn good money.

How to go about starting a lucrative blog:
I already have a well-detailed post on “How to start a blog”, so I’m just going to through the basics. You can get a free blog set up here or download the free “do it yourself guide”.

Step 1:  Choose a niche (your blog’s topic area) you are passionate or knowledgeable about – The more specific the better. It could be about entrepreneurship, health and fitness, fashion, life-hacks, traveling, a particular product and a lot more… over hundreds.

Step 2:  Choose a domain name for your blog – and check if it is available (not taken yet). Type in your preferred domain name into the box below to check. Most single domain names are taken, so try using 2 – 3-words.

Step 3:  This might be the only two main things you’ll have to buy to startup, others are pretty much free with premium options of course. Your domain name and hosting.

 “These two top-rated hosting service providers: iPage and Bluehost and offer free domain registration upon sign up, so you pay for just hosting and get a free domain registration.”

Step 4:  Sign into your hosting account, download and install WordPress software.  

Step 5:  Adjust some settings – download a few plugins (Yoast SEO is okay for now) – open social media accounts for your blog – choose a free or premium theme and get started.

Step 6:  Create quality contents and publish.

Step 7:  Grow your blog with informative or entertaining contents and offers.

Monetize your blog:  Ways you earn money with your blog by Selling products, Offering services, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Blog Post, Selling ad space, Google Adsense and a few more. You can easily refer great products to your readers and get a good commission for each sale. It’s a bit easier than it seems, the basic things are creating great contents and promoting your blog for more visitors.

Recommended online courses:
How to Make a WordPress Website
•  Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS
  WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly 

#5. Freelancing

Freelancing is a huge growing market where millions of people who need to get certain things done (mostly digital work) are merged with people who are experts in getting those specific things done.

Freelancer gig - make money online -

People love freelancing gigs because;
It’s a market for almost anyone with any skill set.
•  You get paid as soon as the client accepts your work.

List of a few freelance gigs:
•  Graphics Designing
•  Virtual assisting
•  Creative writing
•  Translation
  Web design, Word-processing, Support & IT, Articles & Blog posts, Singers, Tutoring, Web search, Legal/financial consulting and a lot more…

How you go about becoming a freelancer:
Register in any freelancer site – input your details and select your areas of specialty (what you can do ) – your skills or you could learn a new skill in any top e-learning site.

  If you’re offering your services for the first time, you can charge low for a few months to get more gigs and build up a good portfolio. And increase your charge rate later on.

•  Offer great end products to get recurring clients. Complete gigs on time and make sure you understand what the client really wants.
•  Always ask clients to rate your work. Good ratings and number of complete projects bring in more gigs.

Top freelancing Sites:
•  Freelancer
•  Upwork
•  99designs and much more.

Online Courses:
Freelance on Freelancer – How to Earn More with Freelancing
Guide to becoming a Upwork Freelance Superstar in 2017
Ultimate Fiverr Success: How To Make a Living On Fiverr

#6. Creating and Selling Courses online

There are great platforms online where online teachers make over 6 figures by selling courses on anything useful – skills people would want to learn.


On Udemy e-learning site:

“ Rob Percival’s courses have reached nearly 120,000 students and exceeded $2.8 million in total earnings.

Victor Bastos has reached more than 52,000 Udemy students with his courses, which have earned nearly $900,000.

Alun Hill’s courses have been accessed by nearly 47,000 Udemy students and have earned about $650,000.”

– Emily Weichers | Udemy

How to go about it:
  Visit Udemy’s Instructor page, enter the title of a course you would like to teach in the page and send. You’ll be taken to the sign-up page.

 A free course on “How to create your Udemy course” will be made available to you. You’ll learn all you need to know about creating a course.

 You start creating a course afterward.

 After you’re done, send it for review. When it’s accepted, you may charge an amount for students that enroll for the course.

 Then you get paid for each student that enrolls for your course. Powerful courses will great contents will attract more students and that’s more money.

Better explained: If you charge $40 and over 250 students enroll you make over $10,000 minus the platforms charges) Top courses on e-learning sites like Udemy have over 50,000 students enrolled for a course that will be towards $1 million in earnings for the instructor.

Things to teach:
 Web designing
 Any Language
•  Photography
 Graphic Design
 How-tos, Personal development, Social media strategies, Lifestyle, Makeup expert, Academics – Maths, Biology and a lot more.

These online platforms below make it easy for you to create any course you want and sell them.

Where to sell/create courses:
•  Teachable

Online Courses:
 Teach Online: Create Amazing Udemy Courses
Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific

#7. Selling products on e-commerce marketplace

Store owners in e-commerce marketplace who sell good products make a good income. The good thing about it is anyone can start selling online with little capital and grow into a big-time business. Top sellers on eBay make over $1 million yearly in sales. Sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce marketplaces worldwide make money too… and are known, as Online merchants or retailers.

 Sell on online marketplace - make money online

The idea: Find a good product to sell online, register on any online marketplace, upload your products and make money online from sales. To make more sales you might have to promote your products.

How to go about selling online:
Step 1:  Do research on products you would like to sell. Make a list.

Step 2:  If you have plans to grow into a big-time online retailer, you might want to register a business name to use on your online market profiles.
•  Create social media profiles for your store to post photos of your products and to build up a following around your products. Very Important.*

Step 3:  Contact wholesalers of your chosen products and get a good deal (wholesale price).
•  Create a shipping funnel. How will you ship your products? Which area will you cover? (Inter-state, nationwide, worldwide) (Some marketplaces have this in place already so find out)

Step 4: Upload the products on your online stores at a good price compared to similar products to build up sales and reviews.
•  For more sales get traffic to your online store via social media ads or posting or other ways.

Step 5: If sales are good, see if you can make better deals with your wholesale suppliers. Add other similar products to your online stores to gradually expand your business and get you more sales and money.
•  Hire an assistant at any point you think one is necessary. As your sales grow, hire necessary people or services. Leaving you with enough time to be creative and act on better ideas.

Top selling product categories you can try out:
•  Books
•  Music
•  Computers
•  Clothing, shoes & accessories
•  Phones & accessories
•  Jewelry & watches, Auto Parts, Health & Beauty, Toys, and baby wear, Video games, Sporting goods, Home and garden and much more.

Where to sell:
•  Amazon (with over 95 million unique visitors monthly)
•  eBay
•  Create your Shopify store and sell there.
•  Jumia, OLX and much more.

Online Courses:
•  Amazon Store Management: Run a Successful Amazon Store
•  eBay Amazon Dropshipping: How to Set Up a Profitable Business
•  Work From Home: The Amazon FBA Profits MasterPlan.

#8. Selling on Your Site – Build an Online Store for your Business

Big and small successful companies worldwide each has an online store where they list their products or services for sale (,, This is different from online marketplaces where anyone can list products like Amazon or eBay. Here, a business sets up an online store site where customers come to buy the listed products or services.

“In this internet age, before people buy anything, they tend to first search for the product online to find a good and affordable online or offline store.”
Shopify. Create your online store 2 - make money online

4 Reasons why every business should have an online store:

1. Millions of customers both local and international can find your store.

2. For verifying brand’s authenticity – When people are doubtful about a brand, they almost always check the internet for some proof. A well designed online store of the brand gives them the proof of authenticity they seek.

3. More sales, more money for you.

4. Nothing to lose. Shopify provides an easy selling platform. No coding required. No expenses in hiring a web developer.

Top platforms where you can set up an online store in minutes:
•  Shopify
•  Woocommerce
•  Bigcommerce
•  Volusion

With Shopify, your people can buy your products directly from your Facebook and Pinterest pages via a “Buy” button which connects to your Shopify store.

•  How to Create, Make and build an Online E-commerce Store
•  Shopify Tyrant: How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch

#9. Selling Stock Photos

Are you good at taking eye-catching photos? Do you know how to edit photos to make them look great? Then maybe it’s time you took more photos and sell them on photo marketplace online.
Of course, when you take great photos, people would buy and come back for more. You could grow into a lucrative photo agency… with just a little more focus, curiosity, and creativity.

The idea here:
 Take a course on photography to put you on the right path

  Get a camera. Start with anything good, don’t have to wait till you can save thousands to get one. You can get a used one on eBay to start with.

  Set up social media profiles for your photos. A photo blog will be great too. Create a good portfolio of your best photo shots.

  Register in at least 2 to 4 online photo marketplaces to put up your photos for sale.

•  Start a photo blog. Put up free downloadable eye-catching photos, then have some great premium photo options too.

 Sell photos - make money online

Where to sell your photos:
•  Alamy
•  Shutterstock

Courses on Photography:
•  Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography (The Greatest Online Professional Photography Class: How to Take & Sell Photos for Beginners & Advanced Photographers)
•  License your photos online: Create photographs that sell

#10. YouTube videos

What content can you create that would get a huge amount of views on YouTube? How can you monetize your YouTube videos?

Youtube marketing - make money online

 The idea here is to create an informative, funny, or entertaining video that gets thousands or millions of views. And also to get a good number of viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel to earn money via your YouTube videos.

You earn money on YouTube via ads and sponsored videos.
•  Video ads: Most times before a YouTube video starts, a brief 4 to 30 secs video comes up automatically with a “skip ad” button. More video views, more money.

•  Link ads: a link at the bottom while viewing a video. More clicks, more money.

•  Sponsored Videos: with a lot of subscribers and video views, brands or advertisers will pay to have you use their product in your videos.
Huge followers and subscribers on Social media grow with your content’s quality. How funny, entertaining or informative?

Is everyone good at making viral videos? ah no… I’ve tried several times and failed. But the good thing is your videos don’t have to be super funny or eye-catching before you make money on YouTube…
Simple informative videos like: “The unpacking of an iPhone 7” or “How to fix a baby’s trolley” can get thousands of views.

Viral videos or any sort of content can be created for you at Fiverr for a few dollars.

Online best video editors:
•  Wevideo
•  Animoto
•  Powtoon
•  Wideo

Online YouTube Courses:
•  YouTube: Secrets to Launching A Successful YouTube Channel
•  YouTube Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to YouTube

#11. Instagram Promotions

Instagram is becoming one of the fastest growing Social Media Platform with over 400 million visits monthly and over 100 million new subscribers in 2016. Big and upcoming brands try to explore this opportunity by promoting their products and getting more sales.

The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who is one of the most followed person on social media with over 97 million followers on Instagram and 120 million on Facebook, promotes tag Heuer wristwatch.

Driving into 2017, another dream year ahead #DontCrackUnderPressure #tagheuer

A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

So, as an Instagram subscriber with a good number of following or still growing, you can make money online in a few ways:

1.  Becoming a brand’s ambassador: With over 5k or 10k followers you can join these platforms to get connected with brands:
•  Instabrand
•  Buzzoole

You can reach out to good brands which products you use and love and offer to become their brand ambassador or they might come to you.

2. Promoting and selling your products

3. Creating and selling Instagram accounts with a good number of followers.
You could create social media profiles FB or IG build up thousands of followers around a niche and sell it for thousands of dollars on sites like:
•  Fameswap

4. Affiliate Marketing: Register as an affiliate with any brand you would like to promote via CJ affiliates, ShareASale, Clickbank or the brand’s affiliate programs, get your affiliate links, post a photo relating to it your affiliate products and refer your viewers to the affiliate link on your bio.

5. Shoutouts: Promote other Instagram accounts on your IG page and get paid.
•  Shoutcart

Online Courses:
•  Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Real Followers
•  How to build a Six Figure Business with Instagram

#12. Writing

Writing is a good source of income for many freelancers and it can be the same for you too.
If you’re good at putting the right words together in any language, you could offer services to thousands of people who need different writing jobs done and make money online while doing so.

Writing gigs pay ranges from $20 to over $2,000 per gig, depending on the nature & size of the writing job and your level of expertise.
Writer Gigs - make money online

Different writing jobs:
•  Content writing
•  Report writing
•  Resume
•  Book writing
•  Research and summaries
•  Proofreading and editing
•  Creative writing, Articles and blog posts, Business Copywriting, Legal wWriting Ghostwriting, Scriptwriting and much more.

Platforms to get writing jobs & expert writers
•  Freelancer
•  Fiverr
•  iWriter

Courses on article or professional writing:
•  Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer
•  The Complete Freelance Writing Course

#13. Website testing

Usertesting platform pays you $10 for each set of website or mobile testing task ( 20 mins max) you complete. On your first time registration, you’ll be given a brief sample test after which you’ll be approved.

Usertesting - make money online

The task is simple, all you have to do is:
 Visit a website with your PC or a mobile app with your Phone
•  Complete a few easy tasks
 Speak out loud what you think about the features of the site
 Once you’re done, you get paid.

Other website testing sites:
•  Testingtime
•  Userfeel
•  Trymyui

#14. Create and Sell EBooks

Creating an eBook is about putting together powerful or entertaining content in an eBook format. Either a story, motivational, informative, how-to eBook or any other kind. Publishers make thousands of dollar on Amazon selling eBooks.

Over 5,000 – 10,000 words are okay for a start, you don’t have to write over 50,000 words if you can deliver your points with fewer words.

Amazon ebooks - making money online
Best selling ebooks on amazon

If you’re a good writer, story-teller or designer with a good content, create simple eBooks and sell them online.

Where to sell:
•  Amazon kindle direct publishing (create and sell)
•  Clickbank (sell)
•  Blurb (create and sell) and more…

Online courses (to show you how to go about it):
•  Format MS Word for Amazon Kindle, Get Beautiful Ebooks
•  Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers

Resourceful articles:
8 Steps To Create And Sell An Ebook On Your Website

#15. Language Translation

With over 6,500 languages worldwide, millions of people need to communicate with each other and most times the only way to do that is to learn the language (which can take months or years) or to hire an interpreter.
Anyone who is fluent in two or more languages can make money online by sparing few hours weekly translating one language to another.

Different languages - making money online
Photo credit Karen Roe via

Where you can find translation gigs:
•  Freelancer
•  Fiverr – TranslatorSpot
•  Upwork
•  PeoplePerHour

Online Course:
•  How to be a Successful Freelance Translator

#16. Creating a mobile app

The mobile app is a billion dollar market with a good number of app developers earning over $5000 a month and the big mobile developer like Supercell have their “Clash of Clans” generating $1,118,457 per day in revenue. King Digital Entertainment’s “Candy Crush” earns $884,676 per day through in-app purchases according to Fueled.

Mobile apps - make money online

“With an estimated global revenue of $25 billion in 2014 and an estimated total global revenue of $46 billion by 2016, apps are big business” –

App builders earn money in several ways:
•  Building apps for companies and people and getting paid hundreds to thousands of dollars
•  Building great apps and selling them on google play or Apple App Store
•  Creating free mobile apps and earning by adding ads (the reason most great free mobile apps have ads and paid mobile apps have none) or by purchasing advanced features.

Great ideas are priceless:
You could come up with a great idea of a mobile app that will help people meet some goal or entertain and hire someone to build it for you on freelance sites… make money online by putting up ads or by adding a price tag.

Top mobile developer courses online:
iOS App Development with Swift Specialization
Android Basics Nanodegree. Learn Java and Start Building Apps
Become an iOS Developer – Build an App for the iPhone and iPad
Android App Development: Easy & Quick Programming

#17. Graphic Designing

“Graphic Design is the new Buzz”. Online and offline, graphic designers make big bucks. I Still plan on learning graphic designing though, love the creativity and buzz it comes with.

Big companies can’t do without it while small businesses and people are now catching the feel. Graphic Designers and writers get the most gigs on freelancer sites hands down… they make money online from designing logos, business card, fashion designing to 3D, 4D, video editing, animation… make your pick.

99designs portfolio -
99designs portfolio

Graphic Design gigs:
•  Banner design
•  Icon design
•  Visual arts
•  Photo editing
•  3D, T-shirt designs and more…

Sites where designers get gigs (Jobs):
•  99designs
•  Freelancer
•  Fiverr

 Complete graphic design Courses online:
•  Graphic Design Bootcamp

#19. Teaching your language

Earn money teaching your language online, anytime you want, part-time or full-time and set your own hourly rates.
Language market is a huge one, with millions of people having to learn other languages for job requirements, relocation, communication reasons or just for knowledge. Almost everyone wants to learn a new language (maybe English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Hindi, Japanese or others) at a certain time in life.

Teaching a language - make money online

Teaching any language, mostly the popularly spoken ones is definitely a lucrative source of income. So, if you’re good in any language, you can teach anyone who wants to learn and earn some cash.

Sites for Language gigs:
•  Verbalplanet
•  Verbaling
•  italki

#20. Creating and Selling website themes or plugins

With over 60 million users, WordPress is the most used open source software for building blogs, websites or apps worldwide. Each user use at least 15 plugins and purchases a theme or more.

Creating a good WordPress plugin or theme and putting it in the marketplaces for a price or for free (with a fee for premium) is a huge source of income.

Of course, you would have to create something special to get thousands or millions of sales, but that comes with time and brilliant marketing efforts. The key is to get started.

Plugins in a WordPress software are like mobile apps on a smart phone, there do specific tasks

Here are a few top sellers on Envato marketplace (themes, plugins, graphics and a lot more):

Codecanyon visual composer - make money online envato theme - make money online

Plugin types:
•  Security
•  Share buttons
•  Comment plugins
•  Contact form plugins
•  Traffic stat, Social media widgets plugins, Ads plugins, Image gallery plugins and much more…

Top places to sell themes & plugins:
•  Envato
•  Mojomarketplace

•  Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects

#21. Taking Survey and Reviews

The good old online income source: Taking Surveys. This is one of the easy ways to make a few side cash without having to learn anything. Companies pay top dollar for users’ opinion, while survey sites connect users to companies’ surveys and pay them… just by completing a simple and direct task or answering a few questions.

Taking surveys - make money online

Where to take surveys:
•  Inboxdollars
•  Swagbucks
•  Pointclub

Over to you

If you’re reading this, you’re a lot closer to making money online. But there are a few steps to take…

1. Pick one or more you will enjoy doing, if you aren’t a pro, take a course, learn the basics and practice.

2. No one is gonna tell you this – it isn’t easy, it’s only for those who choose to be consistent for one to two years! You have to Make out good hours daily/weekly to do a few gigs or post on your blog or promote your affiliates or create a course or take great stock photos or anything else you choose!!

3. Earning side money from your hobby or what you’re passionate about is the idea here. And of course, with a well-aimed effort, your side business will become a full-time income source for you

4. Don’t give up, if things didn’t go right at first, tweak a little and keep going.

Share any idea that’s working for you that isn’t listed here in the comment box below!

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links that could bring in commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. I only recommend excellent tools that would be of good value to you

Hey, kindly leave a comment :) thanks!