11 Bad habits that limits your Success

12 habits that limit successThe 12 Habits that limits success


 Learning what distraction to eliminate and obstacles to put aside on your way to achieving more success is key. 

Forget what have been said about most people not knowing what they want in life.

I actually learnt that a lot of people do know what they want and also have an idea of how they can go after their dreams but are most times choked up and pulled down by bad habits.

These bad habits are what differentiate the others from highly successful people, these bad habits deprive people of their creativity and steal people’s dreams every day.

You can choose the higher road today by quitting these bad habits:


#1.  Too much thinking and too little action

Listen. This is the one of the bad habits that limits your progress and delay you from actually solving problems.

You can have all the great ideas in the world and know the best plans to execute them but just thinking about them will get you nowhere. You have to make use of your great ideas, act on them.

 “Nothing great was ever achieved without taking action or making a move”

 You might have great ideas that can solve a lot of problems. An idea to try out something new, maybe a business, a new skill, change of lifestyle or anything good.

Why not quit thinking and start taking actions?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – WAYNE GRETZKY

Yes, that’s sure. You don’t get rewarded for just thinking, no one can learn from your thoughts, no one can read them, your thoughts can’t inspire or help anyone not even you.

There is only one way your thoughts can be productive, by taking action.

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  • Quit spending much time thinking. Put your ideas to work, that’s the only way to make use of powerful ideas that crosses your mind.
  • *Write down good thoughts and ideas that come across your mind. They are goldmine. This is one habit that has helped me accomplished great things and solve problems.

#2.  Procrastination

Putting things off for later when you can do them now is a bad habit you can easily get used toOnce you start procrastinating, you’ll keep developing the bad habit and keep finding better reasons why you should leave things undone.


  • Eats deep into your time
  • Makes you lazy in the long run, and gets you to think you can always do stuffs latter. And you then have a lot of undone activities.
  • Results to unnecessary rush to meet the deadline, which reduces the quality of your output.

Many opportunities we have missed in the past was a result of procrastination. And we can avoid missing out on future opportunities by dropping this bad habit.

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  • Remind yourself that, “It is always better and way easier to do it now than latter”
  • Allocate a quick time target. “I’ll do this now, from 12:30pm to 01:30pm”. It makes it easier to complete the task and harder to post pone.

#3.  Spending time with negative people. Discouraging friends

The power of positive association is as powerful as the power of the negative association. The opinion of the people you spend time with influences your mind set, it either fuels up or inflate your motivation.

The growth of a fish is limited to the size of the tank it is placed in, same principle applies to a person’s self-growth. 

Your growth can be limited by the size of your friends’ mind. Are they small thinkers? Do they discourage or laugh at you when you think big?

Remember: Birds of the same feather flock together

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  • You probably have heard about this but might not have really taken it into consideration ⇓

“Examine the people you spend time with, carefully choose to spend less or no time with negative & small people and more time with positive & bigger people who believe in you and are a source of motivation to you”.

#4.  Trying to do it all by yourself

Yes! You can get it done by yourself, fine, but two heads are better than one. It’s always smarter to ask for help or suggestions from others. People will give good ideas and will help you see better ways you didn’t think of, if you just ask.

Successful people never forget the benefits of having a team, they know having a team results to better and quicker outcome. They know a team helps bring together different views, ideas and solutions to create the best possible outcome.

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If you’re working on anything and it starts getting heavy on you, you then know you need help.

  • Ask for help from friends or hire a person or more
  • You can also get a smart software or purchase online services that will help ease your load.

You might know how to do little things in many categories, but experts in each category will do a way better job. So give out some work to experts, it pays. You’ll get a better outcome which will influence the quality of what you do positively.

#5.  Bad time management

Not planning how to make the maximum use of your time each day is one sure way to time wasting and low productivity. And here’s why, you end up forgetting to complete some activities and spend too much time on a few.

Most of us have experienced situations where we made plans to achieve maybe two of more goals in a day, and ended up achieving just one, it’s happened to me so many times till I learnt about allocating time for each goal.

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Listen. If you want to take charge of your time there is just one thing to do:

“Allocate time to each activity of the day”

Yes! That’s true, but how often do you do it?

“Human beings somehow function way better when given a deadline

And that because deadlines:

  • Creates a time target in your mind which increases your productivity massively
  • Eliminates possible distractions that would normally cause delay (long phone calls, thinking of something else, checking social media) and focuses the mind on meeting the deadline

One final tip, do this when you plan your day, Always leave an extra time for each activity it helps in balancing your plan.

Plan 1 Extra time Plan 2 Extra time Plan 3
8am – 10:30am 10:30am – 11:15am 11:15am – 2:00pm 2:00pm – 2:45pm 2:45pm – 4:30pm

Spending much time on the bed or TV screen

Watching TV, playing video games, resting and sleeping, all these are not bad, honestly, they are cool and good for you. Personally I can’t imagine working so hard that I won’t have the time to watch my favorite TV series or football games, no no, not cool.

But spending too much time on these things are also not cool. And here’s why, they are addictive and have the power to eat away a big chunk of your time and you can’t afford that because time is your most essential ingredient in becoming successful.

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  • Do these activities during your spare time
  • Each time you want to engage in any of these activities, quickly set a time count reminder to prevent you from spending more time than you planned. Say I’ll spend 2 or 3 hours doing this and nothing more.

#7.  Focusing on the negative. Doubting your capability to achieve

It’s always a good strategy in every plan to consider the possible negative outcome. Yes, so thumbs up for checking them out, it’s a good move.

But dwelling on them and giving them the permission to limit your outcome is what you shouldn’t do. They are there for just one reason, “to test whether you deserve the good returns at the end or not”.

Listen. No great thing that was ever achieved was without possible negative outcomes. So you should expect it.

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Whenever you are challenged by limiting negative thoughts

  • Make a list of the positive outcomes and focus on them, let them motivate you through
  • Pick up the habit of making affirmations, its one great way to defeat negative mindset and instantly replace it with a positive one.

#8.  Making excuses & blaming others

This is one of the common bad habits you have to drop very quickly to prevent its dangerous effects in your life. And I’ll tell you why.

At first making excuses will make you feel better about yourself because you’ve defended your self-esteem but also your excuses hinders your motivation to prepare better in the future.

We tend to blame others or something else for our mistakes and end up settling for lower standards.

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  •  We can avoid handicapping ourselves by dropping the habit of making excuses and blaming others, accepting our fault by being truthful and working hard enough to prevent making excuses. It pays off in the long run.

By doing these, you’ll increase your productivity massively because you know you’re responsible for your outcome and won’t make any excuse or blame anyone for it. It’s all you.

#9.  Seeking Perfection

When I started designing and writing, I could take one or two hours designing something beautiful and spend over five hours or sometimes days of little tweaking trying to make it perfect. Sometimes I would end up making it complicated or a little more beautiful.

Seeking perfection drains your time and energy, it creates a feeling in you that your outcome is not good enough and needs to be adjusted a little more. This feeling it creates can be addictive.

So what I’m saying is it doesn’t have to be perfect for it to work, nothing is ever perfect because everything can be improved at some point.

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  • If you have to make some adjustment, time yourself, so you won’t get locked in it
  • Ask others for their opinion, ask them what they think. Sometimes we do a great work but we don’t see it as good enough. So learn to seek the opinion of others, it makes it easier.

#10.  Quitting

Winning big in anything is not just about trying and working hard, it’s more about persisting, not giving up, having an undying patience and belief. Not Quitting.

Quitting is not an option for winners. It’s a habit adopted by three kinds of people: 1. People who have no believe in what there are doing  2. People doing it for the wrong reasons  3. People who are just doing a trial 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the greatest achievements weren’t done overnight.

Honestly, the start of most success journeys were very tough, where you keep fighting the mind battle of whether to continue or quit. Then soon when you start getting good returns for your sacrifices, you’ll discover it’s all worth it.

solution bar

  • When you embark on a journey, prepare your mind for the obstacles you’ll meet and choose to keep moving.
  • After research and planning, ask yourself a very important question, “Do I believe in this?” if yes, go all the way.
  • Go with your heart in what you believe will work, make good research and plan very well, don’t just hope.
  • Be creative and find a way to standout. Have you been doing the same thing and expecting a different result? It’s time for a change.

Learn from other successful people who are doing what you are doing and make some changes. I was awful at designing, then I learnt a lot just by looking at expert works and trying to design like them.

#11.  Fear

 Fear is one mind battle you’ll have to conquer if you really want to grow in any area of your life. It can paralyze you and keep you from making the most important move which is “taking action”.

The fear of failing, the fear of running out of ideas, the fear of wasting time, the fear of running out of fund are all obstacles to overcome.

solution bar

  • Substitute your fears with reassuring and peaceful thoughts
  • Remind yourself of where you are headed and the amazing end results your efforts can bring
  • Tap into your inner fearless power by using affirmations.


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 genius extra tips

  • Write down which of these bad habits are limiting your productivity*
  • Create a plan on how you can drop the Bad habits using the provided solutions and any of yours
  • Make sure your plans are specific enough to make it easier for you. Such as, “I’ll come up with 10 powerful affirmations in the next 30 minutes, and will use them to motivate myself every morning”
  • *Make a tick on your calendar or journal every time you work on the solution. It’ll remind you of your success and inspire you to complete your plan. You can adopt this particular tip in achieving any of your goal, it’s efficient.


Just put in a little time into dropping these bad habits and you’ll have a lot less obstacle on your way to success 🙂

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