20 Best Money Saving Tips !

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Most times, we find it difficult to make a monthly allocation to savings due to bills, transport fees, tax, feeding and other expenses we have to make daily. After which we find ourselves procrastinating on making consistent savings every month.

I’d say we get creative in some ways to make saving money possible, and by just picking up a few cool smart money saving tips, you can save thousands of dollars every year and still live comfortably the way you want to.

Okay, I’ll drop some smart money saving tips you can use to trim your expense and achieve your monthly savings target.


#1.  Budgeting

Money budgeting is the best habit to pick up when it comes to savings, it’s always the best way to save money. It’s all about planning your monthly income expenses and putting aside your monthly savings allocation before everything else.

In this way you won’t have to spend above your means, eliminating debts and growing your net worth. There are software and mobile apps that make it easy to create and keep tabs with your budget. I use the monefy app, it’s cool for staying within your budget.


#2.  Choose a denomination and save it

It’s a simple and very resourceful saving means you’ll love. You just choose a money denomination, whether it’s $1, $5, $10 or anyone you are okay with and put it aside whenever you have one. I started this two months ago, and I’m amazed at how it turned out to be an extra saving means.


#3.  Make use of cash

Using cash in daily transactions can save you a ton of money. First, you’ll eliminate card charges, atm charges on withdrawals and also avoid overdraft on your credit card (outside budgets expenses).

The resistant we do have when we hand over a lot of cash we worked hard for will make us let go of less. And the fear of running out of cash will limit your expense.


#4.  Separate your saving account from your expenses account

A very good way to start your monthly savings and see it grow is to separate your bank accounts into two, one for savings only and the others for expenses.

This will help you to keep tabs on your savings growth rate and the growing number will make you save more.


#5.  Contact your phone company

Most mobile phone users can get better deals from their network providers and save good money. Many network providers have great deals most users don’t try out because they don’t have the time or are not aware of it.

Last year, I saved over 65% of my data and call bills by utilizing great offers.

So, contact your network provider and inquire of the best offers available based on your requirements or you can visit their website or ask on search engines.


#6.  Make quality buys

I believe this is one of the smart money saving tips that people don’t really think about while buying things. If you have the money or if you can save up the money, buy quality products to prevent frequent breakdowns, maintenance, repairs which could cost a lot of money as well.

It’s always better to buy a product of $500 which can last for 5 years over the cheaper option of $200 that can last for a year, you’ll then have to buy the cheaper option five times in five years resulting in $1000 expenses and $500 waste (inflation might set in with time resulting in more cost)

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 #7.  Run routine maintenance

Sometimes we don’t have to do much to maintain the things we own. Maintenance saves money, it restores the machine’s output to full capacity and prevents unforeseen breakdowns which could result in high repairs fees.


#8.  Consider fixing things yourself

In this modern age, a quick solution to most problems is found online with easy DIY (do it yourself) videos and tips everywhere.

I’ve solved countless problems over the years that would have resulted in high repair cost by searching and using easy solutions online. You could check Instructables, youtube, or google for good video solutions to issues.


#9.  Buy things in bulk

 Buying in bulk can save you money. Most products offer high discounts or coupons when you buy in bulk, and also you save the fuel or transport expenses from going to the store 2 or 3 more times to get the same product


#10.  Turn off light and appliances

We should pick up the habit of turning off the light and other electrical appliances(like the TV, music player, electric fan and others) when they are not in use.

Less use of your devices by turning them off when they are not in use can prevent reduction in the lifespan of the product (the product last longer) and also result in the reduction in your power bills.


#11.  Bargaining

Always try to get a better deal because there is almost always a better deal out there.

A little bargaining reduces the product or service price most times, try to make a deal if you want to buy more, ask how much discount will be given to you if you buy more. It works.


#12.  Install protective devices

A lot of money can be saved by preventing damage to appliances and other stuff by installing protective devices.

Such as using an antivirus for your PC, using a surge protector with your appliances, installing security devices in your homes and vehicles to prevent theft.

These measures help limit damage and repairs expenses in the long run.


#13.  Clean your car’s air filter

An efficient way to save fuel money. A clean air filter increases the car’s efficiency and therefore improves your gas mileage by 7%, saving you $100 for every 10,000 miles.

For most vehicles, the manufacturer’s instruction is to clean or change your car’s air filter after every 10,000 miles, you can check your car’s manual for more information.


#14.  Use energy efficient light bulbs

 Lighting our homes and offices consumes a lot of energy which results in high power bills. Therefore using energy saving light bulbs is a good way to a save some money from reduced power bills.

A good energy saving light bulb to consider is LED lighting because it has a longer lifespan, it’s very efficient and durable with a very little energy consumption rate and also emits very little heat.

Another energy saving light bulb is CFL (compact fluorescent light), you can try it out.


#15.  Search for coupon codes

Merchants offer coupon codes as incentives for customers to purchase products from their online stores. You can always get a better deal if you look well enough.

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There are so many online merchants, which creates a competition between the merchants to attract more customers by offering better discounts. You can find the best deals on these sites; couponsGroupon or more.


#15.  Use price comparison sites to get the best deals

This is so far the best money-saving trick in online shopping. Here, when you have a product to buy, you run a search on the product through any of these sites and a list of the online merchants with the best price offers will be made available.

All you have to do is choose from the merchant that offers the best price or quality you want.

That’s cool, right? These are good sites you can try out;  PriceGrabbergoogle shopping, Shopzilla, slick deals, shopping and much more.


#16.  Stay healthy to avoid medical bills

Try to take good care of your body, rest well, eat healthily, exercise often and go for medical check-ups at least once a year.

And also wash your hands, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),

So make it a habit of washing your hands frequently, it can save you money.


#17.  Before shopping, write a list and stick to it

Shopping brings up a powerful urge in us that is fulfilled by buying more.

You see some amazing products after shopping within your budget and you convince yourself that you might not see this cool product again or get this discount next time.

Writing a list and setting out a particular amount of money for shopping helps you to buy what you need and not spend much of your money on things that look good but you don’t really need.


#18.  Make your food

Eating out cost a lot of money in the long run. Learn to cook or make your favorite snack. If you can, avoid or limit eating out.

You’ll save a huge sum of money if you make your own food. You can pack it up for work or school.


#19.  Use fuel efficient cars

Several car companies produce good fuel efficient cars at a very affordable price. Compared to the high fuel consuming vehicles the v8, v12 engine series and other classic 90s’ series

Fuel efficient cars will save you a lot of money from low maintenance and low fuel consumption rate.


#20.  Avoid reckless handling

Finally, avoid reckless handling of your stuff because it reduces the lifespan of the product, leading quicker damage and replacement with a new one.

Handle your things with care for them to last for you, so you won’t have to make the expenses of buying new ones.

Most people buy a product and start using them straight away without reading the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions help in making the product last longer, so consider taking a min or two to read them in order to save your time and money in the long-run.



Save smart. It’s a habit you need to pick up in order to grow your net worth. Try out these smart money-saving tips and saving will be a lot easier for you.

Okay. Share with us your ideas or your favorite pick from the list in the comment box!.

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