Top 30 Amazing and true facts!

Amazing facts

30 Amazing facts


Facts are good source of quick knowledge and are always interesting to read. 🙂  Here are some of the interesting facts i came across and i thought you would love to know too.



 #Fact 1:  A cockroach can live for several weeks without a head. Till it dies from starving.



#Fact 2: When you sneeze, all of your bodily functions stop momentarily

sneezing facts
Sneezing man



#Fact 3: The male hair grows faster than the female hair

Male long hair
Male long hair


#Fact 4: It takes about 10 days for humans to die from a total lack of sleep

tired man
tired man


#Fact 5: It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open

sneezing lady
Sneezing lady


#Fact 6: Short-sighted people have bigger eyeballs than the long-sighted people

big eyed
big eyed – farsightedness



#Fact 7: House-fly is the most dangerous animal to humans, because it carries more diseases than any other creature

House fly
House fly



#Fact 8: 10 % of the people in the world are lefties. Males are one and a half more likely to be left-handed.

left handed
left handed



  #Fact 9: The tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.

rolled tongue
Rolled tongue



#Fact 10: Your nose and ears never stop growing

ear and nose keep growing. fact
Nose and ear



#Fact 11: A cockroach grows another leg if it loses one

Cockroach 2



#Fact 12: Over 99% of all the species in the world that have ever lived are already extinct

species. fact
Different species



#Fact 13: The North and South poles sees no sun for 182 days each year

north and south pole. fact
North and South pole



#Fact 14: Using a striped toothpaste has no benefit, the stripes are just there to make the toothpaste look interesting

stripped toothpaste. fact 7
Stripped toothpaste


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#Fact 15: Whales eyeballs can’t move, the whale has to move its entire body to change the direction in which it is looking

eye of a grey whale. fact
Eye of a grey whale



#Fact 16: An ant has a bigger brain to body ratio than any other animal

Ant. fact
Red ant



#Fact 17: Your heart beats about 55 million times a year

heart beat
Human heart



#Fact 18: By the time you’re 60, half of your 10,000 taste buds on your tongue will be dead.

taste bud
Taste bud



#Fact 19: The beard grows faster than any other hair on the human body, it could grow to a length of 9 meter (30 feet) in a lifetime.

long beard. fact
Long male beard



#Fact 20: One in 20 people has an extra rib

human rib cage
A model of the human rib cage


#Fact 21: Your fingernails grow four times faster than your toenails

long finger nails
The woman with the longest finger nails


#Fact 22: There is enough electrical energy generated by the human brain to power a light bulb

human brain can power a light bulb
Human brain powers a light bulb



#Fact 23: The human body produces enough saliva in the mouth everyday to fill five cups.

Five plastic cups
Five plastic cups


#Fact 24: In the morning, people tend to be taller than in the evening. The weight of your body compresses your spine as you walk around during the day, then it expands again during the day.



#Fact 25: Women blink twice as often as men

Woman blinking
Woman blinking her eyes


#Fact 26: Chewing bread or gum while peeling onions will prevent the onions from making you cry.

Chopping onion
Chopping onion



#Fact 27: Insects consume about 10 percent of the world’s food supply for a year




#Fact 28: The only beach with a green sand exist at Hawaii. And it is a result of a volcanic rock that smashed into tiny grains.

Papakolea Beach (Green sand beach)
Papakolea Beach (Green sand beach)
Papakolea Beach (Green sand beach)
Green sand in a person’s hand


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#Fact 29: The Dead sea has an amazing healing property that heals skin and joint problems as a result of its richness in minerals

healing power of the dead sea
A woman floating in the dead sea



#Fact 30: You can survive in the desert for just 2 days without water before you die of thirst

desert journey
A man in the desert










What a list! learnt some new facts myself.

And there are many more facts to come.  Share your thoughts or some of your favorite facts in the comment box.

Thank you!

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