The 9 Little Ways To Make A Big Impact Each Day

making impact in the world

Making an impact is self-fulfilling, it creates joy in us knowing that our little acts of selflessness result in a huge chain reaction of good fortune for others.

Knowing that we can bring the change we want in the world by doing these small acts.

It’s more about you choosing to do the right thing, choosing to love ever more in difficult times, and disregarding our differences. It’s total selflessness. Then with time, these little choices of yours all put together makes our world better. So let’s get started with a few ways we can make this happen:


1. Smile

smiling - making an impact
A lady smiling

The power of a good smile is magical, one little smile can cause a chain reaction of smiles.  Most people tend to smile back whenever you smile at them and this result to a change of mood, and a good mood leads to happiness, and happiness is contagious, it affects everyone around, making several people happy, and a lot of happiness is good for everyone.



2. Tutor someone

learning_tutoring - making an impact
Tutoring a lady

Very true…this is a good way to make an impact in the lives of people around us. Tutoring others also help you get better at what you’re teaching them. We all have a knowledge or skill about something others want to learn too.

With time, the person you tutored will tutor more people, and the more will tutor more people. Therefore enriching lives. That’s how it works.

“It is noble to teach oneself, but still nobler to teach others”

Mark Twain


3. Listen

Good listener - making an impact
Listening to a friend

Greater listeners make life easier for other people, they listen as others share their great experiences and also sympathize with others during bad experiences by listening. Psychiatrist charges hundreds to thousands of dollars mostly to listen, they are the specialist in listening.

People always want to communicate, to tell the other person about something, people want to share their great experience with you or bad ones, and this is why the social media have billions of subscribers and rack in billions of dollars in revenue.

Listening is one of the best gifts you can give to a person… and that’s so because good listeners are rare.  You probably do have that friend who you tell almost everything because you feel they relate better and understand but they are simply good listeners. People tend to confide in the good ones or keep things to themselves when there is none.

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Listening heals. Spending time with a good listener is always a great experience. You’ll know when you meet one.

“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.

Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you”

– Unknown


4. Be kind

Walking an elderly man - making an impact
Walking an elderly man

What’s more beautiful than a simple act that puts a smile on one’s face? Little acts of kindness go a long way in touching lives. Helping the less privilege, opening the door for a stranger, giving a person a lift to a bus stop, lending to someone in need, and saying nice things to people too… are all little ways of making an impact in our big world.

Say a kind word to people you meet, compliment them and be sincere about it. There is always something nice in every person.

  One kind word can change someone’s entire day”

Kindness is selflessness, it’s an act of humility, thinking more about the other person than yourself, getting out of your way to put a smile on a face.

Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go. The beautiful results will make you want to do more.

  “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

   – Aesop


5. Donate blood

Donating blood - making an impact
A man donating blood

Blood is a gift of life, donating it save lives, it is the most precious gift you can give another person. Over 6,000 blood donations are needed daily and 200,000 donations yearly to treat patients only across England and North Wales.

Donating blood do have good health benefits:

  • Burns calories
  • Decreases the risk of cancer
  • You get free blood analysis (donors are tested for various diseases upon donation to determine the safety of the blood)

It’s all about making an impact, helping people around us to be healthy and happy.


6. Show up

showing up - making an impact
Friends showing up

Most times showing up means a lot more than we think. It’s an act of sacrifice, it shows we care enough, making out time from our busy schedule.

Showing up is one important ingredient in any good relationship, being there for them while they celebrate milestones in their life, weddings, events, birthday, baby shower, even in funerals.

It speaks loud, saying, “I value you, you’re an important part of my life”. These little things make the world go round. And it’s reciprocal, people will be there for you too.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up

– Brene Brown, Daring Greatly


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7. Donate to charity

charity - making an impact
Donation box for the poor

Why give? Well, it’s a way to go if you are about making an impact. Several people have devoted their lives to this course through creating charity organizations. Making it easier for people around the world who don’t have the time or big enough resources to make a big impact by their donations.

You have no idea of the impact a little donation can make. A dollar in some developing countries can feed a person for 3 to 4 days. 10 dollars can start-up a business for some.

  • Poverty can be solved
  • We have the resources to combat poverty
  • Giving is a part us
  • Giving brings us joy


8. Volunteer

Volunteer - making an impact
A man volunteering

When almost every activity around us is about getting paid, the big question then is, “Why should I volunteer?” it is a good way of making a big impact in the society. It’s about the purpose and benefits of the activity you are volunteering for:

A healthier environment, teaching, the red cross, charities, hospitals and more. Volunteering involves us sacrificing our time to do things that help other people or groups or our world as a whole.

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart!”

Elizabeth Andrew


  • Volunteering boost our quality of life and life satisfaction (according to a 2012 Study by the Royal Voluntary Service)
  • It’s a good means of making new friends and developing strong relationships. Working with people who have similar interest about making an impact creates a good environment for relationships.
  • “How and where can I start volunteering today?” you can call or step into any organization around you and ask them how you can be of help or visit:

As little as 1 hour a week can make a difference.


9. Go take action and teach others what you’ve learned here

  You are reading this post because you want to be making an impact in some way. Taking action now, making a move or a plan to do one of these acts is the key to achieving your purpose of reading this post.

  • Write down the ones you want to act on
  • Create a simple plan on how you can achieve it
  • Set little realistic goals (daily or weekly or monthly or yearly) on achieving your plan
  • Finally, tell other people about making impact too, inspire them, “little seeds of words go a long way”


So let’s share! Which one of the 9 do you plan on doing? Which one of them have you done?  Tell us! in the comment box.

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