25 Best Blogging Tips For Bloggers in 2018

Handpicked Tips to Grow Your Blog

As a blogger and a web developer, I discovered that among the hundreds of websites I visit every month, there are a few basic eye-catching features that make a site engaging and worth subscribing to.

After doing more digging and testing a few of them, I was able to come up with a list of both little important features and the main blogging tips a lot of bloggers are aware of but tend to ignore.

All I’ve learned so far, great tips & bits of advice from top bloggers and other worthy discoveries were all put together to craft out these blogging tips.

Here are the best blogging tips that will get you 10x better results.

#1. Utilize your footer space

People do actually go down to the footer of a site to find any extra or special stuff. It’s a great place to put a few engaging stuff like: a brief “about blog” write up, a clear list of your pillar post, social media engaging app, services you offer and a few more.

#2. Grow your email subscribers list

There is a sure way of growing your email list and that’s by offering something so valuable that 70% of the visitors can’t resist. You’ll need a good opt-in plugin to build attractive opt-in boxes. And also a great offer or lead magnet (free ebook, checklist, worksheet and more), the more the better.

#3. Spend 80% of the time promoting your blog and 20% creating contents

Blogging is more about your audience than it is about creating awesome contents. It won’t be cool if no one gets to see your awesome content after spending so much time crafting it. So, you should spend more time promoting your blog and building your audience, emailing and keeping them in the loop.

After google & other search engines notice your efforts (towards creating great contents and increasing visitor’s activities), much more visitors will be sent to your optimized site frequently.

#4. Comment on related blogs

Most times, you have to fill in your web address, email, and name before leaving a comment under blog posts. This helps people to easily view your website by clicking on your web link to see more about it if your comment catches their attention.

A few of the good blogs I’m subscribed to are the ones I found while reading comments on other blogs. It’s as simple as appreciating a good post or contributing a useful response to the related post or comments.

#5. Create clear articles with pointers, note blocks, and block notes

The clearer and easier your article is to read, the more engaging it is for your blog readers. A good percentage of people that read blog posts or articles quickly skip through words, looking for useful or interesting points.

Most times, we just scroll through and pick the key points… the pointers, block notes, and other highlighting features make this a whole lot easier. Which means articles without these features are hard to read.

#6. Add beautiful Images or a video

Images make any content a lot more engaging, interesting, easy to read & understand. There are different creative images any blog post would love to have: flat icons, vector graphics, photos, infographics, even icons and more. And make no mistake, short videos are perfect for too. If you can create one, do it.

#7. Build your FB page likes and twitter followers

Since Facebook is a well known and trusted platform worldwide, visitors who come to your site most times look for a proof of trust or engagement that shows other people visit your site too.

And nothing can make them more comfortable than the number of your FB likes or shares, twitter followers, and the other social media followers. 1.5k likes should be a good start, just create a good FB page ad for a few dollars. You can get over 500 likes with less than $10.

Add FB like button after each post to enable your visitors to easily like your post too.

#8. Come up with a good blog logo

Your blog logo represents your brand and shouldn’t be left aside. It’s what you put on every page on your blog, some custom photos, digital products, social media profiles and much more. It should be a good and simple design you’re okay with.

On 99designs, freelancer or Fiverr, you can get professional designers create one for you today for a few dollars.

#9. Learn the basic skills

Owning a website or a blog opens your content to the entire world, so giving out good information and doing everything the right way is important. You can do it right in two ways:

  Try several times, spend a few years making mistakes and learning
  Or you can learn the basic skills from experts, apply them right away, get a result, save time & money, become a pro and get paid for offering your services.

Basic skills like creative writing, designing skills, social media marketing and a few more are a good start.

You can easily learn any basic skill on udemy or on other top e-learning sites.

#10. Offer a few services or products on your blog

Come up with services you are good at “consultancy or do it for you” or products you can create to generate income like a course, ebook or other digital or physical products. You can also promote other good products or services in your niche for a commission.

#11. Never let a good idea pass – Note it down!

Never miss this, no matter how little you think the idea is at the time, note it down. You’ll be amazed at the creative ideas that cross your mind later on.

#12. Create “Call to action” bar, images or buttons on your sidebar & main menu

People love clicking good kinds of stuff, that’s the truth. When you arrive at a site with a lot of good stuff to click (headlines, designs, useful offers and more) you kind of get excited, wanting to see what’s at the other end.

So create a few attractive CTA buttons or images to increase visitors engagement while growing your subscriber’s email list.

#13. Try to link (refer) each post to at least 2 to 3 other posts on your blog

When writing a blog post, try to create a few words on different parts of the post that can easily be linked to your previous blog posts. This act builds up your site’s engagement and improves your site’s SEO ranking.

#14. Create “Landing pages” for offers and lead magnets

Landing pages are mainly used in promoting a product or service, in getting more email subscribers. So far, it is a perfect way to get more conversion.

#15. Choose a good premium “theme”

The truth is that you’ll have to buy a good premium theme if you want to up your game. Free themes have limited features. Good themes are super flexible, appears more solid and builds up your visitors trust to take any action on your site.

And of course, the best places online to get top-notch affordable themes for your blog are mojo marketplace, elegant themes or ThemeForest.

#16. Choose your preferred colors & typography

Colors & typographies are pretty much the main design and branding features any standard site online are identified with. Choose a few color palette you’ll use in different areas all over your site. It makes your site standard and unique.

Also choose two or three (preferably two) font types, one for your headlines and the other for contents. Take note of your preferred color and font choice, you’ll be using them in every design and content you create on your blog, social media, and any other platforms.

#17. Create the “Important pages”

Pages like “Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Affiliate disclosure, About Blog, Contact me” that you see in the footer of most web pages, these pages should be created while setting up a blog. You might ask, “Do people even visit them? Yes, they do.

People just unconsciously assume that text links like that are usually at the end of any web page especially if they want to subscribe or purchase anything from your site.

#18. Make your photos, posts, and pages easily shareable

You definitely do want your useful blog contents to reach as many people out there as possible, and one the ways to achieve this is by making it easy for your blog’s visitors to share contents they like on their social media platforms.

Include social media share buttons in a few strategic places on every post or page you want to be shared. That’s just one part, the second part is to create contents that are worth sharing

#19. Create useful contents on medium, Quora, Reddit and Pinterest

You’ll drive a good number of targeted traffic to your blog while building up new followers on the side on these platforms. But to do this, you’ll have to cook up very helpful and informative content frequently.

#20. Take “Screenshots” of designs & unique feature you admire online

Here is one of my “Never miss this” tips… Take screenshots! whether on your phone, laptop or tab. Bloggers spend hours surfing the net and do come across unique designs or opt-in box, color, good font type mixture, landing pages, offers, headlines, featured image designs and other ideas they would love to try out on their blog… taking screenshots help you save the feature for future use.

The two things you ought to do:
  Screenshot the design
  Or “click the right button on your mouse”, click the “inspect” to get the font type or the color code or font size or font color.

#21. Create a dynamic Blogging plan with targets for each month

Blogging works a lot better when you create a good plan at the start of each month with special targets to complete at the end of each week. It gives you control over your blog’s growth and helps you actually take the required steps.

It helps you pick out the most valuable stuff to work on that actually grows your blog. Easy to apply and also adjustable.

#22. Monetize your blog

Whether you intend to earn a living from your blog in the long run or not, monetizing your blog is an important thing to do and I’ll tell you why.

When you earn a good income doing what you love, It inspires you to grow your blog, work harder, create better content and fund better blogging resources. Passive income is the dream. It motivates any blogger to do more.
A blog is one of the best platforms out there anyone can use to get creative and make a good income online.
Charges for hosting, domain and other important tools & subscriptions comes every month or year… so monetizing your blog prevents you from draining your personal fund.

#23. Bookmark and note down your blogging key resources

A good blogging toolbox is a key secret behind any great blog. While building and growing your blog, create a categorized list of important tools (image sites, plugins, useful sites, other related blogs, themes and other services) you use and note down the cool ones you come across that could be important in the future.

The easiest way of getting good blogging tools is by finding out the tools other good blogs use, many blogs have a “resources page” where they share a list of the tools they use.

If you like a wp blog’s theme, use to find out the blog’s WordPress theme. Or you could ask by sending an email to the admin to find out the type of theme, plugins or design, most will be happy to refer you.

#24. Include “engagement numbers” all over your Blog

People love to do what other people are involved in.

“Engagement numbers” are numbers that show the number of people who took certain action (like the number of page or post views, post likes, post shares, FB likes, twitter followers, email subscribers, downloads, reviews, comments and a few more) in regards to your content.

First get a few friends to like, love and share your posts, just to build up the number and others will probably do the same if it’s a post worth sharing or liking of course.

#25. Update old blog posts

Every active blogger learns new blogging tips all the time. You’ll become a better writer & designer, and also discover new features you would love to try on your blog. Going back to old posts, you’ll find a few mistakes you made while you were still learning and correct them by applying the blogging tips you’ve learned so far.

Choose a week every month or a month each year to update older blog posts. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to read through, change a few words and add other stuff you think are worth adding. Also, try to check the product or services you recommended to find out if it is still available, if not, delete and add better options.


Learning all the blogging tips listed is just one part of the solution, the important part is actually applying them. It requires planning and taking action to grow any blog, but one thing is sure, the hard work pays when it’s applied the right way.

More blogging tips will be added to this list. You can chip in a few actionable blogging tips in the comment box!

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