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12 Top Freelance Sites to Hire Experts & Get Jobs

Where to Hire Experts & Get Freelance Gigs

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Whether you are looking for where to get freelance gigs (jobs) or where to hire experts to get anything done or for any project, this list of top freelance sites provides you with established platforms with the best services.

Having spent years on different online businesses, I have sourced out a few jobs on top freelance sites too and did get excellent services for an outrageously low cost compared to offline experts.

And of course, millions of entrepreneurs, small and large businesses make use of expert freelancers on these sites to execute a lot of tasks and projects. Freelancers are making more money on these sites now than ever before, with millions of gigs coming in every year on these sites.

After using a few of them in the past and doing a lot of research, I knew other freelancers or employers would love to skip the stress and get their hands on a good list of top freelance sites, so I came up with this.

Here is the list of the top freelance sites you’ve been looking for:

1. Freelancer

freelancer - top freelance sites. geniusalive

After acquiring over 8 other top freelance sites, seats as one of the largest top freelance sites on the internet, with over 23 million registered users, thousands of jobs and expert freelancers.

You can get an expert for almost anything you want to get done. And if you are an expert in anything, you can offer your services on and earn a good income while you build up your job portfolio with standard projects.

2. Fiverr

fiverr - top freelance sites. geniusalive

Fiverr is the most affordable freelance site out there for anyone with a low or moderate budget, looking to get a task done by experts too.

It’s also a great freelance marketplace for freelancers to start off they freelancing journey, build up a good portfolio doing lots of moderate paying gigs and then leverage the newly built portfolio to get better-paying gigs.
Fiverr as the name implies, offers most freelance services starting from $5 or $10.

3. Upwork

upwork - top freelance sites. geniusalive

Upwork is also one of the top freelance sites with over 12 million registered users and thousands of freelance jobs. Upwork came up in 2015 from the merging of two top freelance sites: Elance and ODesk.

In Upwork, freelancers do grow and make more income through additional services like Upwork pro, enterprise, local business resources that provide a platform where companies hire certain hardworking and creative freelancers for bigger projects.

4. Toptal

Toptal - top freelance sites

Toptal is a more specific freelance job site that connects the top 3% of freelance talent worldwide to employers that need top services.

This is a freelance site for experts that are very good at what they do. Toptal screens thousands of applications of experts that seek to join the platform each month and accepts just 3% or less.
Toptal only offers expert services related to Developers, designers, and financial experts.

Toptal means top talent.

5. Peopleperhour

peopleperhour - top freelance sites. geniusalive

Peopleperhour makes it super easy for anyone who wants to get things done to discover the right expert in three ways: searching through freelancers profiles, posting a job or letting freelancers find you or searching hourlies.

PPH specializes in any all web projects; design, development, content and promotion.

Freelancers also get jobs easily too by building up skill portfolio and bidding for jobs posted by employers.

6. Supertasker

 Supertasker - top freelance sites

A unique freelance site that has a fixed price for each task and assigns tasks to available experts to complete in a set period of time: minutes, hours or days.
Supertasker takes off the time employers waste on searching for freelancers and any delay in delivering a project by operating in these 3 steps:

  • Select a task
  • It is then sent to experts that best fit your task specifications
  • The task gets delivered within specified time

7. 99designs

99designs - top freelance sites. geniusalive
99designs is one of the largest top freelance sites for designers. It is the home of creative design freelancers.

They offer services on any design job: a logo design, business card, web design, tattoo design and all design related gigs. The thing I love about 99designs is that the platform gives you an opportunity to rethink your initial design plan and go for a better one by following these steps:

  • Describe what you want
  • Select a design package plan. Where 30, 60 or 90 designs
  • Launch. The designers will come up with several top-notch designs
  • Pick your favorite

8. Envato Studio

envatostudio - top freelance sites

Envato studio which is a part of the huge Envato network one of the largest digital marketplaces on the internet opens up a medium through which expert designers, developers, and digital talent are available for freelance jobs.

Envato studio offers a wide range of digital services like logo design, WordPress, programming, audio, e-commerce and a lot more. You get your job done in three easy steps:

  • Select your service
  • Interact with the expert
  • Approve job once you get what you want

9. Hired

ired - top freelance sites. geniusalive

Hired is a freelance and full-time job site that helps you build up your skill profile to get you hired by employees.

Here, employers look for different work-time options like full-time, part-time, contract, remote and contract-to-hire professionals, leaving you with the power to choose which one would benefit you better.

10. Linkedin Profinder

Linkedin Profinder - top freelance sites
Linkedin Profinder

Profinder is built to find the top expert freelancers in any field and link them up with employers who need their services. The profinder team vets each expert freelancer that apply as a way to make sure only the right ones are accepted.

  • Describe what you want
  • Get free proposal from over 5 professionals
  • Select your preferred expert

11. Guru

guru - top freelance sites

Guru is one of the top freelance sites with over 1.5 million users that offer services in a lot of fields. It is an open online market for freelancers, it also gives them the option to set their terms and pay for each hour of work.

12. Crowdsite

Crowdsite - top freelance sites

Crowdsite is one of the finest graphic design top freelance sites to get designs of any kind done for you. With over 63,000 designers ready to blow your mind with creative designs.
It works in a similar way to 99designs:

  • Launch a contest – With a description of what design you want, among 63k designers
  • Receive designs – from designers experts in crowdsite
  • Choose your best design – the winner of the contest
Over to you

 As a freelancer, what do I do next?

Freelancing can be a bit confusing if you’re just starting out, so I would recommend you take a good course on freelancing to direct your path, build your skill portfolio, teach you all the tricks in the freelancing playbook and make you a better income.

1. You might want to register in more than one freelance site, try out a few of them and find out which one works best for you.

2. Build a portfolio of your skill set. People who want to hire you, want to see the jobs you have done.

3. Charge a lot less at first to build up your number of completed projects, then you can increase your charge afterward. Customers prefer experts with a good number of completed projects

4. It is very important to make your clients happy, give them better than what they ask, get those 5-star ratings and you’ll reap a lot more clients through referrals, returning clients and clients who love your 5-star rating.

As a hirer, what do I do next?

1. Go through the list and select any freelance site that offers the service you want. Though and offer almost any service.

2. Visit the site, type in the title of the expert or the task you want to get done and search.

3. Go through the listed expert profiles and select anyone you prefer. Some sites do this differently.

4. Describe how you want your work to be done and after it’s done, approve only when you’re satisfied with the job done.

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