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31 Valuable Skills Anyone Can Learn Online

Valuable Skills & Where To Learn Them Online

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Millions of learners on top e-learning sites open up new income opportunities every day by enhancing career skills or mastering new valuable skills.

Skills learning is for everyone. It’s what makes life more intriguing, knowing you can master a new skill and try out new things that could work out much better.

And also, getting better at what you do is a lifetime target and you can only improve way faster by learning more and practicing.

After taking several online courses, learning from different groups of professionals and doing a bit of research, i came up with these  list of valuable skills anyone can learn online:

1. Writing Skills

Writing is one of the valuable skills with the most freelance gigs out there.

Learning to master the act of writing opens you to personal career options and lucrative freelance gigs:
Book writing, content writing, copywriting, blogging, press releases, and much more.

Recommended Writing courses online:

2. Freelancing from scratch

Freelancing is the new green. A lot of people make a good income from freelancing.

Everyone has a skill or two and can also learn better skills, but only a few actually know how to set up a lucrative freelancing business.
Learning from freelance experts, the basic steps to grow a flourishing freelance business by offering your expertise to clients both online and offline, while making more money.

Recommended freelance courses online:

3. Blogging

Starting a blog opens up huge income opportunities for anyone.

Millions of bloggers out there go into blogging with a great idea of growing a community of readers and make money with their blogs… but a huge number of them end up becoming frustrated or taking too much time to get any result because they didn’t learn the skill of blogging the right way.

Recommended blogging courses online:

4. WordPress Expert

27% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. With over 60 million sites built on this platform, the opportunities this platform provides are limitless.

Ohhh... WordPress is the most powerful website content management system (CMS), confusing? I'll explain... It's a free software that makes it super easy for anyone to own a site and publish contents on the site.

“Wordpress helps you own a fully functioning website without coding anything. After installing WP, you just do a few things to get started:

  • Download a free or paid theme of your choice
  • Download certain plugins to help you do anything you want to do on your site
  • Write and publish your articles, upload photos, videos wherever you want on your site and so on.

Learning how to fully download, install, build, operate and debug a WordPress site is one of the valuable skills you can offer in a super large market of over 60 million customers.

Recommended WordPress online courses:

5. Web design

Almost everything is on the internet, every company, individual, startups, businesses are all coming online via blogs, online stores, sales sites, web applications and so on.

Millions of customers out there need websites or need to redesign & update their websites.

Mastering this valuable skill will make you one of the Web design experts that can offer such unique service to a super large growing market.

Recommended online courses:

6. Online teaching

Top online tutors or instructors make over Six figures creating courses and putting them on top online learning marketplaces for learners to purchase.

” Rob Percival’s courses have reached nearly 120,000 students and exceeded $2.8 million in total earnings.”

– Emily Weichers | Udemy

The e-learning industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the past 7 years. With millions of students learning new skills online for a few dollars.

Learning how to create online courses using the top e-learning marketplaces tools is one of the valuable skills for anyone knowledgeable about just anything.

Recommended online teaching courses:

7. Photography

Everyone loves a good photo. People pay good money for good photos. Photography is an awesome hobby to try out. Human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than letters.

That's why putting up a good photo of you on Facebook, Instagram or twitter gets A LOT more likes than any creative words you can come up with.

Becoming an expert full-time or part-time photographer can be a good source of income while you have fun at it.

An expert photographer learns the basics from scratch: from types of cameras, components, views, colors, posture, environment to photoshop skills and much more.

Recommended photography courses online:

8. Entrepreneurship - How to start your own business

Having a great business idea is one thing, turning your idea into reality is another.

Entrepreneurs take great ideas of theirs or others and make it a reality, by taking certain well-planned actions. That might sound like an easy thing to do but it requires knowledge and skills about certain processes.

Learning the entrepreneurship skill helps anyone master the act of starting up and growing an idea into a full-blown business. And to also offer services by helping others grow their ideas or businesses.

Recommended entrepreneur courses online:

9. Video Production & Marketing

Learning how to make professional & creative videos is one of the valuable skills anyone can master in this video loving generation.

People love videos as much as photos, individual brands, companies, and businesses use great videos to pass on messages to potential customers through adverts or informative clips.

Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat get millions of unique visitors every month because people love videos. E-learning platforms too like Udemy, Coursera, Creativelive use video courses to enhance the learning experience.

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Recommended online courses:

10. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketers are social media experts who build up and grow social media profiles around a particular niche, product or services.

All top and growing individual brands, businesses and companies have social media accounts and need skilled social media marketers to promote their brand through them.

Salary ranging from $48.1K to $104K via paysa

Recommended social media marketing courses online:

11. Language learning

Learning a new language or getting better at any language broadens and improves any person's communication, skillset, income and career opportunities.

People fluent in more than one frequently used language can expect a 15% pay increase in work and more clients, make more friends and have more income opportunities  - Translations freelance gigs and more.

Recommended language learning sites online:

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers make lucrative income by promoting affiliate products to potential customers and getting a commission for purchases made through their affiliate links.

Most times they create great informative contents on social media to direct people who are interested in such products to purchase it through an affiliate link, thereby earning a certain percentage from its purchase.

Learning the right process to get potential customers to buy through your affiliate link is a valuable skill that can become a new source of income for anyone.

Recommended affiliate marketing courses online:

13. Microsoft Office Expert

Mastering the most used office applications worldwide is one of the valuable skills every company out there use to get work done faster.

Since most businesses, companies and individual brands make use of this software, it is a required skill to add to anyone's set of valuable skills.
Microsoft Office software contains Microsoft excel, Microsoft powerpoint, Microsoft word, Microsoft access, Outlook and more.

Recommended top Microsoft Office courses online:

14. Building E-commerce Websites (online stores)

Businesses both small and large are all tapping into the billion dollars online marketplace. A lot of them make more sales online than offline.

Learning how to build online stores for businesses, maintain and grow them is another lucrative skill that will make a great income for anyone.

You can build several online stores for different clients and make extra bucks monthly by maintaining it and updating products if you choose.

Recommended top course online:

15. Body fitness program

On Instagram, youtube and other social media platforms, body fitness experts get millions of followers. It means one thing: "People love fit and well-shaped body".

People want to lose fat, get fit and become healthier. They love the result of a good body fitness program.

Mastering body fitness course is one of the valuable skills you can use for your personal body fitness and also instruct others and get paid.

Recommended body fitness online course:

16. Fashion startup & branding

If you're passionate about fashion designing and have great design ideas you want to take out there, then you might want to learn the process experts have used to start up fashion brands.

The fashion business is a lifetime business, everyone buys clothes, most people love good fashion and are always willing to look good if the product is affordable and nice.

Recommended fashion startup online courses:

17. Planning and goal setting

One powerful tool successful people out there use to achieve greater success. Most of them hire expert planners to put their goals right and help them plan.

As an individual, entrepreneur, freelancer, professional or employee, planning and setting goals is the foundation of every other skill.

Planning and goal setting helps anyone grow a lot faster in every aspect of life. You achieve more and save a lot of time.

It is one skill that's aimed against man's most powerful obstacles: procrastination & laziness.

Recommended Planning & Goal setting courses online:

18. App Developer - iOS or Android

Millions of brands and businesses discovered that a large percentage of the internet users are mobile users and find it easier to access their online store or site more if it has a mobile app.

This has led to the birth of thousands of mobile apps.

Becoming a mobile app developer in either of the two most used mobile operating systems, iOS or Android, is also one of the valuable skills to learn.
You build, debug and maintain mobile apps for clients.

Recommended App developer courses online:

19. Logo Design

Designing logos is another great creative design skill anyone can master. Freelancers make good income designing eye-catching brand logos for clients.

Learning how to design a classy logo, practicing and building up a portfolio of samples are basically all you need to get started here.

Recommended logo design courses online:

20. Programming languages

Programmer's and developer's skill sets are invaluable. With the full knowledge of any programming language, you can build any great application that solves one or two problems and makes a ton of money from it.

Different front or back end technologies have different uses: Html, CSS, Javascript, Database, API, authorization and more.

You can choose to specialize in one programming language and become an expert in it. Top programming languages to learn:

Java, Javascript, C++,  Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and much more.

Recommended Programming language courses online:

21. CAD (Computer Aided Design)

AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD software used by architects, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil engineers and other professionals to actualize their plans and put together a workable structure and machine designs.

If your profession requires the use of any CAD software, you can acquire the complete skill online and master all the basic and advanced tools and how to use them to achieve your plan.

Recommended CAD courses online:

22. Arts - major drawing techniques

Drawing human figures, fashion wears, graphic designs, cartoon, machines, different objects and a lot of other stuff is one powerful skill anyone could learn or enhance at any time.

Good art skills are one of the valuable skills that are always appreciated and are important requirements in different design careers to help provide a visual image of a design idea.

Recommended art courses online:

23. Job search skills

Most professionals, skilled personnel and graduates have no idea how to search and apply for the right job. They just apply to every job opening and hope to be hired.

Learning a few key things from experts about job searching is a skill to help anyone build up the right career resume, acquire the basic requirements, get ideal jobs - better pay & more fun and make the right career decisions.

Recommended Job search courses online:

24. Study skills

Studying is a lifetime skill. Better study skills result in better outcomes.

We study different things all the time, hoping to learn something new, from surfing the net, reading blog posts or social media post, different books to learning career skills in different institutions.

Learning how to study effectively enlightens you on powerful skills necessary to improve lifelong learning and to achieve both academic and personal success. And also to build up your thinking skills.

Recommended Study courses online:

25. Software Developer

Developers build software and applications... Whatsapp, facebook, Microsoft office, adobe photoshop, uber and the rest. This is one of the most in-demand skill on earth at the moment.

Every problem-solving ideas that can make life easier are developed by software developers. They are also known as computer programmers, developers, software coders or software engineer.

Recommended Developer course online:

26. Touch typing training

Fast typing and mastering the standard keyboard keys are valuable skills in a generation where everyone at some point must use a computer.

Most people spend hours using their computer every day. Learning this skill will save anyone a bunch load of time and stress.

Recommended touch typing course online:

27. Culinary Skills

Building up your culinary skills can make the cooking way easier and more fun for you. And help you make better delicacies too.

Learning to cook is a lifetime skill, a few basic tips and guides from experts could be a lot helpful, don't you think so?

Mastering top culinary skills are the way to go for everyone interested in learning how to become better cooks.

Recommended culinary courses online:

28. Podcasting

The fact that millions of people listen to different podcasts every day, makes it an important medium which brands, bloggers, and other institutions use to reach out to their followers.

Learning how to start up a podcast channel, getting the right podcast equipment, coming up with a niche to discuss and building a large following is a valuable skill if you intend on reaching thousands to millions of people.

Recommended podcasting courses online:

29. Forex trading

"Forex is the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed exchange price on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. It is the world's most traded market. With an average turnover in excess of US$5.3 trillion per day."

It is based on speculating if a base currency will fall or rise against another currency. Top forex traders make well over seven figures. Learning forex trading from experts help you build up a great income source.

Recommended forex trading courses online:

30. Communication skill | People skill

Throughout a lifetime, everyone comes in contact with hundreds to thousands of people at work, learning institutions, neighborhood, home, sports centers, the religious center and much more.

Some of which will help take you to a better level and influence your life positively.

For this reason, acquiring the knowledge of how to communicate with people in the right way is a valuable skill that opens up opportunities and joy in life.

Recommended communication courses online:

31. Public Speaking & Presentation

At a certain point in life, we'll have to address a group of people about certain points and doing it the right ways requires a bit practice and mastering key tips to effective public speaking.

Learning how to the deliver key points of any topic in an interesting way to a number of people is a skill public speakers and presenters master.

Recommended public speaking courses online:

What next?

You probably have seen one or more skills you would love to learn, what are you waiting for? Remember how fast time flies?

Check out the recommended courses and see if any of them is a good fit for you, enrolled and start learning full-time or part-time. After few weeks or months of learning and practices, you can actually offer these services and get paid or use them for your personal use.

You can check out these top online learning sites for more courses!

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