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12 Ways to Monetize Your Skills In 2018

Ways Your Skills Can Make More Money

Ways to monetize your skill -

Almost everyone has a skill or knowledge of something others would love to learn about, whether simple or advanced, thousands to millions of people out there search the internet every day for services you can offer or products you can create.

The beautiful thing about life is that there are so many opportunities out there, millions of people are aware of these opportunities but just a few thousand actually take up on any of them, then a few hundred go the extra mile to win.

To monetize your skills, you’ll have to go the extra mile and this list will help you with few good places to start.

1. Freelancing

The best way to start monetizing your skill is freelancing. It provides any expert or beginner with the needed platform to do 4 basic things:
  Try out real projects
  Build up a good list of personal clients
•  Build up a personal portfolio of completed projects
  And make a good income too.

People who want to pay for your services would want to know a few things about you, see your completed projects, and a few other things, just to make sure you’re the right person. Most times, your portfolio and ratings speak for you more than anything else.

99designs portfolio - monetize your skills
99designs portfolio

Freelancing roadmap:

1.  Start with listing your skills and make sure you know enough to offer a good service… enroll for an online course on freelancing (you’ll see a few good ones below). Take a few weeks (3 to 4) to master the main skill you’ll need to offer services by taking a course also on that skill – good e-learning sites to check out.

2.  Choose a few top freelancing sites where your skill is required. Open accounts with two or three of them and set up a good profile & work portfolio. Start bidding for Jobs.

3.  Satisfy clients & use super kind words (to make them come back for more or refer you). Do a lot of projects at the start & try to get good ratings. Increase your charge with time. Hire an assistant when projects exceed a one man job.

A few complete courses to guide you on freelancing:
•  Freelance on Freelancer – How to Earn More with Freelancing
•  Guide to becoming a Upwork Freelance Superstar in 2017
•  Ultimate Fiverr Success: How To Make a Living On Fiverr

2. Create an online course

Teaching others your skill is a good source of income. Millions of people out there want to learn what you already know no matter how little it is. Here, the two main things required are passion and a good knowledge of whatever skill or specialization you want to teach.

Oh really? But I’ve never taught before? What will I teach? How will I go about it?

You need not worry about that, there are amazing platforms that make it super easy for anyone to teach anything online or to create to any course… all you’ll end up doing is coming up with great contents and these platforms with help you put them in place.

On Udemy e-learning site:

 Rob Percival’s courses have reached nearly 120,000 students and exceeded $2.8 million in total earnings.

    Victor Bastos has reached more than 52,000 Udemy students with his courses, which have earned nearly $900,000.

       Alun Hill’s courses have been accessed by nearly 47,000 Udemy students and have earned about $650,000.

– Emily Weichers | Udemy

Creating video courses is one of the most profitable passive income sources online. Several online instructors have made over 6 to 7 figures doing this on several online platforms like Udemy, teachable, thinkific, Lynda, and a few others.

Online course creation roadmap:
Udemy is the best online learning platform to start with because it’s free, you get a free 2-hour course on “How to create your udemy course” with everything you need to know about creating a course and it already has 15 million subscribed learners who are open to purchasing your course.

1. Start with defining the course you want to create (name and the aim) and outlining the key categories you want to teach
2. Open a free account with udemy. Learn how to create an online course with the free video course.
3. Create your online course in weeks or months & upload (make sure it meets the minimum requirements).
4. When it is approved, set a price, launch your course, make money while sleeping. Update content and reply learners questions and keep making money

Here are a few videos on creating courses online:
•  Teach Online: Create Amazing Udemy Courses
•  Create and Sell Online Courses with Teachable and Thinkific

3. Blogging – Create a site

One way any expert can make more money is to offer great useful contents for free on the internet via blogs and social media. The world loves free, useful and interesting contents that help solve a problem or make them laugh.

The plan here is to grow a sizeable audience who subscribes to your blog and follow your social media accounts for more of your content. Afterward, you monetize your skills through this medium in a few ways:

•  Sponsored post. Companies that offer services or products related to your blog’s niche will pay you to write and publish a post recommending their products or services.
•  Affiliate Products. Here you get a commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link for any registered affiliate products or services you mention on your blog.
•  Selling a few of your products too. A blog creates a perfect platform to sell any useful info-product you can come up with.
•  Offer other services. Consulting, done-for-you services and much more.

•  Membership site. Creating a membership platform where members get the best products, info, courses and ideas for a monthly fee, maybe $25 or so. Blog marketing academy by David Risley is a great example of a membership site.
•  Selling adverts spaces
•  Google ads and much more.

Blogging roadmap:
Start with choosing a niche (the skill or topic you want to blog about). Pick the blog name and purchase a domain name (e.g Purchase hosting and open a WordPress blog

2. Then create useful contents, share and promote your contents, get traffic & build up your subscriber list, then monetize your blog with the tips above. You can start a blog now with the easy guide below or have a blog setup for you.

•  “How to Start Your Own Blog From Scratch In 7 Steps” – Beginner’s Guide

•  “Free Blog Setup”  – Get started

4. Selling Related Products

This is where you get creative and unleash your entrepreneur giant within. Turning your knowledge and skill into a unique product within your niche.

1.  Creating a product that can help a particular set of people in your niche achieve success or solve problems will make you money. Even designing a simple shirts people in your niche who love have.

2.  You can also sell other products in your niche that you’re knowledgeable about on your site or on online marketplaces like eBay and amazon(for instance, I design websites, so I can sell or refer affordable hosting plans, templates, page building software and plugins I use to other web developers and get commissions).

The cool thing is that you don’t have to manufacture anything but if you choose to, there are few platforms that can help you with that:
 Teespring: manufactures and ships your designed t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug to your buyers.
 Alibaba: You find thousands of manufacturers of different products that can manufacture your designs and ship it to you.
  Freelancing sites: for designing any digital product of any kind (ebook, software, videos, course, app), all you’ll have to do is to describe the product.
 Or you can sell your choice Aliexpress, amazon or eBay product via drop shipping
Products here ranges from digital to physical products that are related to your expertise or the ones you use.

Product selling roadmap:
First, come up with a product idea that you know will benefit people in your niche (a software, a physical product or anything else). Find a supplier or use Aliexpress or other related sites that offer dropshipping service.

2.  Set up your online retail store site with Shopify (or a product page on your blog). Upload your products, promote it and make money. You can create and sell information products, also known as info-products. These can be any product or service such as a course, audio lecture, e-books or instructor guide

A video course on creating and selling products:
•  Learn How to Create & Sell Online

5.  Write a book

Writing a book is a valuable source of passive income. You could use this medium to provide loads of invaluable information, insiders tips other people interested in your expertise would love to learn.

If writing isn’t one of your perks…no problem, all you’ll need to do is to make sure you have a valuable content that’s worth sharing, then hire a writer to lay it down for you on fiverr or freelancer for a few dollars.

A  lot of ebook publishers make thousands of dollars on amazon and other ebook platforms selling their ebooks & on royalties too:
•  Amazon kindle direct publishing (create and sell)
•  Clickbank (sell)
•  Blurb (create and sell) and more.

amazon kindle - monetize your skills
Ebooks on Amazon

Many of them create useful and interesting contents about their expertise like “how-tos”, DIYs, great stories and valuable tips. Then they come up with a great headline, a nice book cover, put the book out on amazon and made thousands of dollars that keep coming in (passive income)from sales and royalties.

99designs ebook covers - monetize your skills
99designs book covers

Ebook writing roadmap
1.  Come up with a topic, select a choice headline, list out key points and move them into chapters
2.  Write the book and hire an editor to edit the book
3.  Then hire a designer to design a quality book cover on 99designs or fiverr (people buy books with a good title and cover design)
4.  Upload your book on the ebook selling platforms above. Promote your book on social media, blogs and offer affiliate sales on Clickbank.
Article from Selz: 8 Steps To Create And Sell An Ebook On Your Website

A video course on selling an ebook: 
•  Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers
•  Become an Author: Write Self-Publish & Sell Books on Amazon

6. Start a Youtube channel

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. (source: Youtube)

Top marketers, adverts, companies and social media influencers use youtube to get more sales, reach more people worldwide and make a buck load of money. On youtube, you earn money mainly from adverts and sponsored videos.

“The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube is up 50% year on year.” – YouTube.
What a stat?! Without a doubt, the next question should be “How do I get started?”

Youtube videos road map:
1.  Open a Youtube channel for your preferred skill or hobby, designing, comedy, singing, how-to do something, fitness, motivation, make-up, sports… just anything you.

2.  Learn how to create good videos with your phone or any device, how to set up your Youtube channel the right way and the step by step actions to kickoff and grow your channel by taking a good course (learning, researching and making mistakes will take a lot more time).

The two courses below covers everything you need to know and do about this.

Two complete courses on YouTube Marketing:
•  YouTube Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to YouTube
•  YouTube: Secrets to Launching A Successful YouTube Channel

7.  Consulting

As a consultant, you offer expert advice in your area of expertise to either an organization or individual to provide solutions. Most businesses, startups, and individuals need consultants at some point in time in several areas.

Most times, before you start consulting in a specific field that is new to you, you’ll need to acquire a few years of experience and completed projects to build up your credibility.

Consultant roadmap:
•  Identify your area of specialization*(your expertise, what you’re good at and you’ve complete several projects)
•  Learn more and figure out ways you can help clients to solve problems and get better results.

Two courses to help you set up a consulting business:
Marketing: How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant
•  How to work from home as a consultant

8. Coaching

Tutoring or coaching an individual (one-on-one) or a group of people  is a very lucrative way to monetize your skills.

If you’ve excelled in your any area of your expertise, they are so many people out there who would love to learn how you excelled, the steps you took and how they can do the same. People pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for this.

Ways you can coach people online & offline:
Organize webinars (on the internet): gotoWebinar
•  Mentorship Bootcamp programs
•  One-on-one or group coaching session: on Skype, Google Hangouts, gotoWebinar. Or you rent a space where you hold coaching sessions.
•  Organizing seminars
•  Get hired to train business staffs or more.

A course on setting up your coaching business:
•  Setting up your tutoring business: Teaching Course for Teachers & Tutors

9. Create a mobile app

The mobile app market is doubling every year, recording billions of downloads each year. “By 2018, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, an estimated total of almost 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world.” –

If you have a mobile app idea that will help customers & professionals in your niche to achieve certain goal easier, learn more, or solve problems, you can build one and make money via ads(for the free version) or app sales (if the paid version).
A good number of app developers earning over $5000 a month and the big mobile developer like Supercell have their “Clash of Clans” generating $1,118,457 per day in revenue. – fueled

Mobile app roadmap:
Draft out and validate your idea to find out if it’s a good one by asking other experts in your field or customer what they think about it.
•  Hire a good mobile app developer to build the mobile app for you, a free and a paid version (you can get experts on 99designs, freelancer, fiverr or on other top freelance sites)
•  First, release the free version into the market with ads to monetize your app, also promote your app, and learn how to setup & maintain a mobile app.

Course on setting up a mobile app business plan:
Mobile App Business Plan and Start-up Documents

10. Create a SAAS

SAAS – “software as a service” is a software or application hosted on the internet that performs a valuable service. Unlike other Softwares that you can install,  a SaaS is only accessible on a web page, like google apps, dropbox, zendesk, leadpage, Aweber.

Having a valuable idea or solution that will help thousands to millions of related professionals & customers in your niche is the key here. Here, the money comes in via monthly or annual subscription plans subscribers pay to get access to your application

Course on building a saas:
Build Your Saas Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship)

11. Instagram & Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing creates a medium where anyone can reach millions of potential customers, showing them how valuable your product is or how good you’re at what you do.

Here, you attract the right followers (potential customer) that are interested in what you do by creating free valuable content about your expertise & advertising your page to build up followers faster. Here, you make money by:
Offering well-packaged products or services they can’t resist
•  Promoting Affiliate products – you get a commission when your followers buy products through your affiliate links.

Courses on Setting up your Instagram & Facebook Business:
How to build a Six Figure Business with Instagram
•  The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint

12. Start up a company

The different ways to monetize your skills listed above can be built into a six-figure business over time with focus and hard work of course. If you’re earning a good income using one of the monetization paths above or any other, then the next step is starting an official company where you can get an office, hire one or more related experts to expand your range of services and products and get more jobs.

An official registered company (with an office and one or more workers) is a good leverage to get bigger projects and increase the cost of your service. With an increased workforce, revenue and number of projects over time, your business will be able to run without you being there all the time… that’s the dream!

Courses on setting up your company:
 Learning path: Become a Small Business Owner
Build a Stand-Out Business

Over to you

Start small and build up, start now to monetize your skills. Don’t leave any more money on the table.

Try enrolling for a course if you need a little bit of guiding.

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